Demi Moore, Snooki, and Other Celebs with Bizarre Beauty Secrets

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Demi Moore knows how to work a pose with or without a man!

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Demi Moore knows how to work a pose with or without a man!

Getting a divorce from Ashton Kutcher might just be the beauty boost that Demi Moore needs - now that she doesn't have to worry about what stupid mistake that he'll make next, perhaps the scary-skinny star will start taking care of herself by packing on a few pounds.

And while she tries to get back to a healthy weight, she might want to avoid one of her favorite beauty treatments - having blood sucked out of her body by leeches (as thin and malnourished as she looks, she probably can't afford to lose any blood right now).

That's right - Demi's secret to looking beautiful is to let leeches suck on her body. Back in 2008 Demi told David Letterman that she discovered the beauty treatment while doing a cleanse in Austria. It involves taking a bath in turpentine and then allowing "highly trained medical leeches" to attach themselves to the body. They then suck out blood while releasing detoxifying enzymes back into the blood stream. It might sound pretty gross and horrific, but Demi swears that the treatment leaves her feeling "revitalized."

And if Demi is willing to try all of that to look beautiful, perhaps she'll consider giving Snooki's bizarre beauty treatment a shot. According to the "Jersey Shore" star, she exfoliates her face with kitty litter! It might sound gross, but Snooks claims that she hasn't broke out yet since using it. However, hopefully she won't start using it in a litter box anytime soon - with her love of leopard print and her cat-inspired Halloween costume, we're worried that she might be turning into a feisty feline (let's just hope she doesn't start licking herself in public).

Perhaps Lady Gaga needs to consider getting a trash can full of kitty litter to neutralize the odor in her dressing room - according to the eccentric singer, sometimes she urinates in her dressing room trash can. So how is this bizarre act a beauty secret? According to Mama Monster, it takes her so long to get ready for appearances that she simply doesn't have time to make it to the bathroom (it probably would take her quite a while to get there in her sky-high heels). But instead of doing something so disgusting in the name of fashion, perhaps Gaga should simply try to make adult diapers fashionable (the functional accessory would certainly work well with her baby-ish name).

Speaking of babies, Eva Longoria has her own bizarre baby-related beauty treatment - she rubs EMK placental cream on her face. But don't worry - it's not made from actual placenta. Instead the $90 cream contains nutrients that mimic those found in human placenta. However, Jennifer Lopez gets the real deal - the singer reportedly gets a facial containing proteins from human placenta twice a week.

The glamorous stars of yesteryear had a more simplistic but still strange beauty secret of their own - Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor reportedly shaved their faces to exfoliate their skin while removing unwanted hair (Kim Kardashian would have died - there was no laser hair removal during their heyday). "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Caroline Manzo also swears by this manly method of exfoliation.

So would you urinate in a trash bin to give yourself a few extra minutes to get beautified, or let leeches suck on your body to get revitalized? Or celebrities simply insane when it comes to the pursuit of looking perfect?

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