Demi Moore’s Kids Tell Her to Move on from Ashton – Four Reasons Why She Can’t

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Demi Moore’s Kids Tell Her to Move on from Ashton – Four Reasons Why She Can’t

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Demi Moore

For months, we have heard reports that Demi Moore's daughters are growing sick and tired of her pining for her estranged husband, Ashton Kutcher. Rumors that Demi is throwing up roadblocks in the divorce appear to be making things worse with her offspring. In short, they wish she'd get over him and move on. Moore isn't the first high-profile celebrity to fall prey to infidelity. But for some reason, she's having an awfully difficult time letting go of her ex, even though it's been more than a year since they split. Why is she having such a hard time?

Kutcher was her connection to a younger Hollywood demographic.

Even though the "Charlie's Angels" actress has millions of fans that have followed her career from day one, there is no denying that Kutcher has a definite link to a certain slice of Hollywood's "in" crowd. As in many failed marriages, the parties involved often find themselves divvying up their friends after a divorce.

She still thinks there's hope for their relationship.

Many are probably overlooking the obvious: Demi misses her ex. This is a totally normal emotion for those who have been in long-term relationships. Not everyone heals at the same rate after a split-especially those who wanted to stay together. After a quick break from Twitter, the "Ghost" star returned to the social network, using her married name. At some point, she probably thought that Ashton would date a few girls and perhaps "return to his senses" (and the marriage). Clearly, this hasn't happened yet.

She's afraid of getting older.

This probably accounts for all the partying that she has allegedly been doing since she and the "Two and a Half Men" star separated. Her stint in rehab is evidence of this. But some reports claim that her partying ways actually contributed to the demise of the marriage. That midlife crisis is very real for many adults and celebrities are no exception. Reaching that 50-year mark just may not be agreeing with her psyche.

Her ego is getting the better of her.

At one point Moore was considered one of the hottest women in Hollywood. And even though she is still envied for her youthful looks (despite rumors of extensive surgery), her competition has increased exponentially. It doesn't help that the woman now on Ashton's arm (Mila Kunis) was crowned Esquire magazine's "Sexiest Woman Alive."

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