Demi Moore’s Heartbreak Continues! Who Should She Date to Move On?

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Demi Moore has had quite a rough year. Her marriage to Ashton Kutcher collapsed, she was forced to enter rehab and the movie star is reportedly on the outs with her daughters. Meanwhile, her ex Ashton seems to have moved on to greener and younger pastures. The "Punk'd" star is now openly dating Mila Kunis.

This is quite a difference from the split that Demi had back in the days with ex-husband Bruce Willis. Demi's split from Bruce seemed easy and amicable. The two often appeared in public together in support of their children and maintained a healthy extended family. When Demi started her May-December romance with Kutcher, Bruce was by all accounts a supportive friend.

It seems that Demi has tried to find the bright spots in her recent difficulties. She managed to launch a new TV show this year. "The Conversation" is hosted and co-created by Demi's longtime buddy Amanda De Cadenet. It features celebs speaking brazenly about love, relationships, lifestyle and sexuality.

Aside from all of her troubles, Demi is still a vibrant beauty at 49 years old. The "Charlie's Angels" star will turn 50 this year. Once she gets her life back on track, she should take time to become comfortable with herself again. After that, she would best serve her self-esteem by jumping back into the dating world. After all, at 50 a woman is still vibrant and desirable if she chooses to be.

So, who should Demi date next?

Jamie Foxx

Jamie and George Clooney have a lot in common -- they're both hot actors who enjoy a bachelor lifestyle! The Playboy actor jokes a great deal about never feeling the need to settle down or settle, period. After her personal turmoil it might be refreshing for Demi to hang out with a party guy. We're sure that Jamie can help bring a smile back to the brunette's equally famous face.

Prince Carl Philip

Prince William is off the market and even Demi may not want to go as young as Prince Harry. May we suggest Prince Carl Philip of Sweden? The handsome Crown Prince brings Patrick Dempsey-like good looks and an American education to the table. Living well is the best revenge and there's no living better than having a real live prince on your arm.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan is happy at the moment with the gorgeous Eva Mendes and we hope that they live happily ever after. If they don't however, Demi might want to snag this 31-year-old hottie. Ryan's birthday is November 11th and Demi's is November 12th. They'd have that in common plus how sweet would it be for Demi to hear, "Hey girl" and look back into Ryan's beautiful eyes. We assume that at that point she might be asking, Ashton who?

What do you think? Who should Ms. Moore date next?

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