Demi Lovato's First Boyfriend was a 'Glee Project' Contender

'Glee Project' Contestant Cameron Mitchell and Demi Lovato Reunite on the ITunes Charts

Cameron Mitchell from "The Glee Project"

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Cameron Mitchell from "The Glee Project"

Demi Lovato is one of the hottest teen stars in Hollywood. And one of the perks of being a starlet is getting to go out with the coolest guys in town. Not surprisingly the "Sunny with a Chance" beauty has had some highlights in her dating life. She reportedly dated heartthrobs Joe Jonas and Wilmer Valderrama. And, as it turns out, her first beau was a recent competitor on "The Glee Project."

Demi Lovato Dated a 'Glee Project' Hopeful on Her Path to Fame

But she's had her troubles as well. Earlier this year the "Camp Rock" star checked in for treatment to deal with issues including cutting, depression and an eating disorder. Now Lovato seems to be back on track '" recording new music and hoping to inspire girls everywhere by sharing her story.

Yet before Lovato was a megastar with celebrity boyfriends and serious issues, she was just a girl growing up in Texas. And like most teens, she got interested in boys. But before long Lovato became famous and now, it seems, her first boyfriend has, too.

Cameron Mitchell Chose Values Over Fame on 'Glee Project'

This week on "The Glee Project," competitor Cameron Mitchell decided to leave the show having had morale conflicts with the challenges for weeks. In one assignment he had to kiss one of his fellow contestants. After it was over the 21-year-old competitor with a conscience called his mother in tears because he felt like he had cheated on his girlfriend. In the latest episode Mitchell found himself faced with another potential lip lock, which he refused to do.

"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy implored Mitchell to stay on the show that will land one lucky contestant a seven-story arc on his show choir series. But the singer-songwriter from Texas walked away, with his personal convictions intact.

Demi Lovato Tweeted About Seeing Cameron Mitchell on 'Glee Project'

Before he left the show though, one very famous person took notice. On June 12 Lovato tweeted, "Oh my god.... Just saw my first boyfriend ever on the glee project... Just died!!! Small world!!!! Hahahaha." Mitchell took to Twitter himself to confirm the story as well, saying "@sarahsturgis Demi Lovato WAS my ex! I was her first boyfriend ever. She was in 7th grade and I was a little older."

Someday perhaps the former couple may bump into each other on a movie set. Mitchell revealed, "I'm not opposed to acting. I want to able to act. And one day that might happen for me, but for right now music is kind of tugging at me. And so I'm writing everyday like I live like basically like writing music in a basement with my little studio."

Or maybe Mitchell and Lovato will meet again on the Billboard charts. As he admitted, "Music has always been my first love. And I always liked songwriting and making music and playing the guitar. And I definitely think that that's going to be my focus for right now."

Sticking to music looks like it might pay off. As of August 2 Mitchell's EP was climbing the iTunes pop charts. He tweeted, "TOPP 10 BABY!!!!! Keep it going baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love love love you guys!!!!!!" Just a few weeks ago Lovato's first post-rehab single "Skyscraper" was soaring on the digital site's song chart, too.

Go to iTunes to check out both Demi Lovato's and Cameron Mitchell's songs. And catch the rest of "The Glee Project" on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. Central on Oxygen.

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