Demi Lovato: Five Pitfalls She Needs to Avoid to Find Success After Disney

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Will there be success after Camp Rock 2 for Demi Lovato?

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Will there be success after Camp Rock 2 for Demi Lovato?

Let's face it; it's difficult at best to make the transition from loveable child actor to successful adult star, especially if the former career was carefully scripted by Disney. Even past Disney performers like Hilary Duff have not been able to maintain the level of success they enjoyed as child stars, when they have transitioned into adulthood. Don't believe me? Then ask yourself what major motion picture have you seen Hilary in lately? As for her music, Duff's last album was released in 2007. So what can Camp Rock sensation Demi Lovato do to keep from falling by the wayside once her days at Disney are done? Well for starters she can avoid the five following pitfalls.

Failure to Evolve as a Singer/Songwriter

Demi has enjoyed an excellent start to her music career. Her first two albums Don't Forget (2008) and Here We Go Again (2009), charted well in the US, with part of the success coming from Lovato's ability to find a different sound for each release. For the more successful second album, Demi admitted to doing more John Mayer-ish type of songs. Not done experimenting with her sound, Lovato is promising to add a bit of Rhythm & Blues to her next release. To keep her music fresh and evolving, Demi must continue down this path. If she is able to do so, she could join company with such musical performers as The Beatles and Madonna; performers who were able to constantly vary the sound of their music to further their careers.

Failure to Learn the Acting Craft

While Demi's natural personality is tailor-made for such lighthearted Disney fare as Sunny with a Chance, or Camp Rock, it would be a mistake for the young actress to consider herself capable of taking on the lead role in a featured film that's outside her current acting range. This was a lesson learned (or not learned) by Lindsey Lohan on I Know Who Killed Me, a movie whose failure can best be summarized by the 8 Razzie Awards it received. Lovato is better off learning her craft by taking on roles similar to the one she had on Grey's Anatomy earlier this year. In time she can progress to taking on greater roles and greater risks with her acting career.

Failure to Set Proper Limits for Her Social Life

Hollywood already has a Lindsey Lohan, and if Lohan isn't the poster girl for what not to do with your social life, then perhaps former Disney graduate Britney Spears is. While being a party girl will certainly get Demi into the tabloids, it will do little for her career as an actor or a singer. If Lovato can continue to show the maturity she recently showed in her breakup with Joe Jonas, she can successfully avoid this pitfall. Of course reported rumors of a hookup with Wilmer Valderrama could mean that Lovato may not have learned to manage this aspect of her life just yet.

Failure to Avoid Burnout

More than most young performers can suffer from career burnout at an early age, which is why 24 year old Amanda Bynes recently went on Twitter to announce her retirement from acting. Bynes of course recanted on her self-imposed retirement, but the feelings that led to her announcement can be all too real for young stars. In order to enjoy a long and successful career, Lovato must learn to manage her time and energies and make wise choices with her career.

Failure to Learn from Her Mistakes

While she may be on the top of the world right now, having one success after another, Lovato is bound to discover that she will not find success in everything she tries. Eventually a movie will bomb, or an album fail, and Demi's ability to deal with career adversity will be a telltale sign on what type of adult actor/singer she will be. If she is able to learn from her mistakes, this talented young star should find continual career success as an adult.


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