Debbie Harry Gets Mistaken for Lindsay Lohan: Other Crazy Celebrity Lindsay Lookalikes

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Debbie Harry apparently gets mistaken for Lindsay Lohan. Who knew?

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Debbie Harry apparently gets mistaken for Lindsay Lohan. Who knew?

During a sketch on SNL, Jimmy Fallon praised Lindsay Lohan for her performance in "The Help," prompting the troubled actress to point out that the freckled-faced, raspy-voiced redhead in that super-successful movie wasn't her. But in real life people aren't getting Linds confused with Emma Stone - many of her "lookalikes" are much older.

Recently photographers mistook Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry for the "Mean Girls" star. Harry has always been a hottie, but it's rather astonishing how much the 65-year-old looks like 25-year-old Linds in certain photos.

To be fair, Debbie and Lindsay were staying at the Mercer Hotel in Soho at the same time. The disco diva was also rocking platinum hair just like Lindsay, and most of her face was obscured with a large pair of sunglasses when photographers spotted her. However, it's still hilarious that someone 40 years older than Lilo can pass for her so easily.

Unfortunately this isn't the first time that Linds has been confused with a much older woman. Last year when she arrived at Cythia Rowley's New York fashion show, some people in the crowd thought she was fashionable plastic surgery fiend Donatella Versace. Obviously being mistaken for a 55-year-old didn't make Lilo realize that it's time to step away from the facial fillers - even Donatella's jaw probably dropped (if it can actually move) after seeing what she did to herself before her SNL appearance.

Lindsay's lookalike problems have been pursuing her for years. In 2008 some fans thought she was troubled rocker Courtney Love when they spotted her dining at a café in LA. Perhaps this was foreshadowing - it's easy to imagine Linds starring in Court's biopic someday, but of course Kurt Cobain's ex will probably throw a fit and complain that looks too terrible to pull off the grunge girl look.

So as the years have gone by, Lindsay's celebrity lookalikes have gotten older and older, meaning that she might want to stop getting work done before she gets mistaken for Joan Rivers.

Perhaps she can take comfort in the incident last year when an American Airlines employee mistook her for Lady Gaga - after all, the "Born This Way" singer is the same age as Linds. But, then again, maybe Lilo should find it disturbing that the employee thought she looked weird enough to be Mama Monster without a crazy pants-less outfit, platform heels, and a huge hat.

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