David Hasselhoff Turns the Big 6-0 - Plus A Look at Other Stars Who Turn 60 This Year

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Actor and German pop sensation David Hasselhoff has been a household name for about three decades. Though he got his start in showbiz in the early 1970s with various TV appearances, it was his role as Michael Knight in "Knight Rider," a 1982 television show about a hi-tech car and its crime-fighting driver, that put Hasselhoff into living rooms on a weekly basis and really broke him into the mainstream. Then in 1989 "Baywatch" debuted and The Hoff was seen starring as Mitch, the tanned and coiffed head lifeguard on a Southern California beach. The show also starred Pam Anderson at one time too.

David was next in the spotlight as one of the first judges on NBC's talent competition show, "America's Got Talent." As is the case a lot, Hasselhoff was both mocked and loved on the show by the audience and his fellow judges, and he always seemed to take the jabs at his ego in stride. Today, in honor of his 60th birthday, we thought we'd take a look at some other stars who are lighting six decades' worth of candles on their cakes this year.

Funny People - "Ghostbusters" creator and original "SNL" cast member Dan Aykroyd lit up sixty candles on July 1st. His "Blues Brothers 2000" co-star John Goodman also turned 60 in June. Believe it or not, Pee-Wee Herman's alter-ego Paul Reubens also celebrates the start of his sixth decade in August. We think he still looks great in the suit!

The Ladies of the Class of '52 - The Hoff's former fellow judge on "America's Got Talent," Sharon Osbourne turns 60 herself in October, while "All My Children" alum Chrisitne Baranski celebrated her birthday this past May. "Ghostbusters" and "Designing Women" star Annie Potts will join the club in October. Italian beauty Isabella Rossellini and one of the funniest ladies to ever hit the silver screen, Carol Kane, had their sixtieth birthdays together, on June 18th.

Tough Guys - "The A-Team" star Mr. T and "The Usual Suspects" star Chazz Palminteri turned 60 in May, just days apart from each other. Ultimate tough guy and star of "The Wrestler" and "Sin City," Mickey Rourke will punch his way into his sixties in September. Martial arts action-star of yesteryear Steven Seagal hit the milestone in April.

Gone, But Not Forgotten: Both Patrick Swayze and "Superman" star Christopher Reeve would have turned 60 this year, underscoring just how tragically young they were when they passed away.

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