Danny Masterson Turns 35: Trivia About the Actor

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Danny Masterson is celebrating a birthday today!

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Danny Masterson is celebrating a birthday today!

Actor Danny Masterson is celebrating his 35th birthday. Though he is most famous for his role on "That 70's Show," the actor has done a lot of other work in movies and on television. We may always see him as Hyde, his character from the long running Fox series. However, a little trivia might help everyone understand that there is more to Masterson than just that show. Here is some trivia about the actor in honor of his birthday?

1. In 2011, Masterson married his longtime girlfriend and fiancée. What actress is now his wife?

2. In addition to his acting career, Masterson has been a noted DJ for more than a decade. What nickname does he go by when working as a DJ?

3. In 1993, Masterson made his movie debut in the sequel to a popular family comedy. What movie marked his first effort in a major film?

4. While he was starring on "That 70's Show," Masterson's brother Chris also had a recurring role on another Fox series. What was the name of the show that featured Chris Masterson?

5. The actor is also an avid businessman. He owns part of more than 10 restaurants. He founded two Los Angeles area restaurants with co-stars from "That 70's Show." Which two actors does Masterson own those restaurants with?


1. Masterson married Bijou Phillips. She is the daughter of singer John Phillips and has established her own career as a model and actress.

2. Masterson's DJ nickname is DJ Mom Jeans. He claims that the name came from the pants that his co-stars wore on "That 70's Show."

3. The actor appeared in "Beethoven's 2nd." He had a small role as Seth in the movie.

4. Chris Masterson played Francis, the oldest brother on the long running series "Malcolm in the Middle."

5. Masterson owns a couple of restaurants with Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama. Though the three actors remain close friends they haven't reunited together on screen since their hit show ended in 2006.

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