Danielle Staub Returns to 'Real Housewives of New Jersey?' - Why We're Excited

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She's baaaaaack. Danielle Staub is reportedly set to come back to "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" after much gossip over the past year if the notorious trouble maker would return to the reality show.

" Bravo has offered Danielle a contract. Danielle is contemplating whether this will be full-time or part-time," a source said.

Bravo has yet to confirm Danielle's return despite a meeting that was said to have gone well over the fall. While we wait to see Caroline Manzo's arch nemesis return to television let's explain why we're so excited to have Danielle back.

Finally something new!

When Danielle was around "Real Housewives" was actually an interesting show. There were always secrets from her past coming out or a fight with Teresa Guidice or even better, Caroline. The past two seasons have been all about the feud between Teresa and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, which was interesting in the beginning but has quickly become a sad, drawn out snooze fest. Family drama is nothing compared to Danielle's messed up past.

Will Caroline leave the show?

Caroline is the matriarch of her family and has acted as the protector of most of the cast. Who can forget the amazingly awesome Mafia-like showdown between Caroline and Danielle in season 2 when Caroline said lines like, "You know what you are...you're a clown."

Caroline reportedly threatened to leave the show if Danielle ever came back. We hope for entertainment's sake they'll talk Caroline into staying just so we can see what juicy drama happens between the two bitter reality stars.

Teresa who?

We'll be honest. We're so tired of Teresa and her ultimate hatred against her sister-in-law and we know we're not the only ones. We have a feeling Bravo might try and pair up Teresa and Danielle as good friends to spar against Caroline and the rest of the cast. If they do this it will only be for the sake of Teresa's popularity, which we think has been draining the past couple of seasons. We want Danielle to take her place back as the reigning bad girl on "Real Housewives" and push Teresa out of the picture. Might Danielle and Melissa team up together? After all, Danielle sings too.

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