'Dancing with the Stars' All-Stars Pay Tribute to Veterans on Week 8

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'Dancing with the Stars' All-Stars Pay Tribute to Veterans on Week 8

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Tony Dovolani and Melissa Rycroft dominated the competition on last night's "Dancing With the Stars. …

This week on "Dancing With the Stars," the All Stars paid tribute to veterans.

Shawn Divides The Panel

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough performed a moving Viennese waltz set to "Angel." The judges loved the emotional content, and talked about how much she had grown as a performer. She's showing much more vulnerability and musicality this time around. The judges awarded her a 29.5.

Shawn's trio dance with Mark Ballas, however, divided the panel. They performed a crowd-pleasing tribal-themed samba that won a standing ovation from the audience. Len Goodman criticized the performance for lacking any real "samba content," but Carrie Ann Inaba praised them for taking a risk and executing it to perfection. The trio earned a score of 26 (including a 10 from Carrie Ann, and a 7 from Len).

Combined with last week's performances, Shawn and Derek have a cumulative score of 93.5.

Apolo Takes More Risks

Apolo has been a solid middle-of-the-pack contestant this season, but he's growing every week. This week, he decided to take more risks. During his "daredevil" tango, he zip-lined onto the stage and earned a near perfect score of 29.5.

For his trio dance, he made a bold move by choosing Sasha Farber, a pro of the same gender. Their trio jive earned a score of 29.

Combined with last week's performances, Apolo and Karina Smirnoff have a cumulative score of 91.5.

Welcome to Delirium With the Stars

What was up with Kirstie's loony drunk behavior this week? She seemed a little too giddy during the trio dance with Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Tristan MacManus. Yes we know these guys are hot, but Kirstie seemed to be channeling her inner Paula Abdul.

Of course, Kirstie's enthusiasm is refreshing. If we blended loony Kirstie with sourpuss Kelly, we'd have one perfect contestant.

Kirstie and Maks earned a 27 for their Viennese waltz and a 24 for their trio paso doble. Combined with the scores from last week, Kirstie and Maks have a score of 79.

Kelly Finally Smiles

This week in rehearsal, Val Chmerkovskiy said what we've all been thinking? "How about an f'n smile?" Kelly performed solidly this week, but looked a bit nervous and wooden during her Viennese waltz. She earned a 28 for the waltz, and a 28.5 for the trio jive with Louis van Amstel. Combined with the scores from last week, Kelly and Val have a cumulative score of 92.5.

Gilles Has a Menage a Trois

At the beginning of the season, I was really rooting for Gilles, but his desperate attitude is becoming a bit over-the-top. After his quickstep, he talked about how 67 years ago, American soldiers freed his country (France). The sentiment was in the right place, but it all seemed like he was pandering for votes.

Gilles and Peta earned a 29.5 for their "sooo close" Viennese waltz, and a 29 for his trio dance with Peta and Chelsie. In this trio dance, Gilles was a playboy who caught the attention of the two ladies. And with the makeup and costume, Peta and Chelsie looked like twins. As Bruno commented, it was the French who invented menage a trois.

Combined with the scores from last week, Gilles and Peta have a combined score of 92.

Emmitt is Charming but Overscored

While Apolo seems to be getting underscored this season, Emmitt Smith seems to be getting overscored. During his Viennese waltz, Carrie Ann called him out for playing it safe, and said that she wanted to see more from him. However, Len said that he put the "oo" in "smooth."

Emmitt and Cheryl earned a 28 for their waltz, and a 30 for their trio salsa with Kym Johnson. Their salsa was charming, but we're not sure if it was worthy of a perfect score.

Combined with last week's score, Emmitt and Cheryl have a cumulative score of 92.5.

Melissa Dominat(rix)es the Competition

We're not buying Melissa as a dominatrix, but we have to admit that she has dominated the competition these past few weeks. Melissa has the best lines and extensions. With proper training, she could have been a professional dancer.

It's nice to see Tony happy for a change. He deserves a good partner after having to dealing with contestants like Kate Gosselin.

Melissa and Tony earned perfect scores for both their quickstep and their trio paso doble with Henry Byalikov. Combined with the scores from last week, Melissa and Tony have a cumulative score of 99.

This week, two couples will go home. Kirstie and Kelly are likely candidates for elimination.

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