'Dancing With the Stars' Season 17: Is This the Unluckiest Cast Ever?

Injuries and Bad Luck Have Plagued This Season's 'DWTS' Cast

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Talk about a rash of bad luck in the ballroom!

The latest cast of "Dancing With the Stars" may be impressing judges with its dance moves, but it's coming at a price. This season's cast, which boasts everyone from sitcom legend Valerie Harper to "Jersey Shore" alum Snooki, has already endured a ton of injuries -- and we're only in Week 4!

Could this be the unluckiest cast in "DWTS" history?

While Harper dodged serious injury before her elimination this week, in an interview with Access Hollywood she said, "I was glad to be here for four dances, and my knees are killing me. They're not injured but they could get there … this is a blessing in disguise, as my mom had taught me."

But others haven't been so lucky.

Last week, Bill Nye tried to stay in the game following a serious leg injury he sustained on the show (he tore 80 percent of his quadriceps -- ouch!), but his experiment fizzled. The popular PBS science educator's peg-leg jazz got him the heave-ho, despite his use of a leg immobilizer. Of course, his doc told him he shouldn't compete on the show short of doing it in a wheelchair, so maybe he should have taken that prescription instead!

"Glee" star Amber Riley missed several days of practice last week due to her injured knees. Her pro partner, Derek Hough, wrote in his blog for TV Guide: "This week is not going that well so far. We are really, really behind! Amber's knees have been acting up, so we haven't been able to rehearse at all. She got them drained the other day, so we're finally going to start rehearsals today and see how that goes." Things went fine on the live show, although Amber sported a knee brace to practice.

Speaking of clunky accessories, last week actor Brant Daugherty sprained his foot and had to wear a boot to rehearsals. His partner, Peta Murgatroyd, had to revamp the couple's salsa routine to take out some of the lifts as he juggled foot and hip problems, as well as a longtime shoulder injury.

"I'm a mess," Daugherty said, but that wasn't the "Pretty Little Liars" star's biggest problem: The actor -- whose Lifetime show "Army Wives" was canceled just days after his stint on "DWTS" began -- was robbed at gunpoint on the way home from last week's show. And since his cell phone was stolen backstage at the ABC dance competition earlier that day, he couldn't even call police right away.

He told Access Hollywood, "[I was] walking up to the courtyard of my building, a man came by me with a gun. He said, 'Give me the bags' … and then he showed me his gun and told me he would shoot me if I didn't give him the bags."

The unlucky actor -- who scored 27 points this week despite his injury and traumatic experience -- said, "[Inside was] my Latin dance shoes, that was honestly the most expensive thing in the bag. I would love to see the look on his face when he opened the bag up, expecting I don't know what, jewels and riches."

And pro dancer Val Chmerkovskiy is known for his sizzling dance moves, but the heat came a little too close to home. Literally. On Monday morning the Ukrainian dance pro posted on Instagram that he came home from "DWTS" rehearsals to find his house in flames: "My house was on fire. I am now homeless," he wrote. "Thank god no one got hurt. Half the building burned down." He later updated that his house was "fine," so he may have dodged a bullet, but it still sounds like his brother Maks was smart to sit this unlucky season out.

"Dancing With the Stars" airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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