Dan Rad & Jon Hamm Become One

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Dan Rad & Jon Hamm Become One

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Dan Rad & Jon Hamm Become One

Daniel Radcliffe, who made a memorable guest appearance in a 2006 episode of Extras, is returning to British TV in a new series that follows the lives of an army of Russian doctors after the First World War.

And the 22 year old is getting an enviable counterpart as Mad Men star Jon Hamm is set to play the Harry Potter star as a grown up.

The series, which will air on England's Sky Arts, is said to offer up a great role for Daniel, who reportedly feels, "he can learn a lot from Jon."

Don't know about you, but as excited as I am for the pairing, this seems like the least likely TV aging since Josh Radnor turned into Bob Saget on How I Met Your Mother.

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