Cynthia Nixon Reveals Shocking New Bald Look - What Other Actresses Have Shaved Their Heads for Roles?

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Mena Suvari also went  bald for a role.

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Mena Suvari also went bald for a role.

"Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon made headlines recently by debuting a completely bald head for her role in the Broadway play, "Wit." In the play she plays a professor who battles cancer. Nixon showed the world her new look on an appearance on "Live! With Kelly" and joked around about how much more high maintenance having a bald head is versus having a full head of hair.

But Cynthia isn't the only actress that has had to sacrifice her hair for a role. Here are five other actresses that also shaved their heads for a movie role.

Demi Moore - "GI Jane"

Demi's transformation into Jordan O'Neill, a woman training to be a Navy SEAL, is probably the most famous role where an actress shaved her head for a role. Not only did Moore shave her head, but she also put herself through rigorous workouts and put on 20lbs of muscle for the role as well.

Natalie Portman - "V for Vendetta"

Portman went through a very real head shearing scene in this her role as Evey in this fantasy thriller. She actually enjoyed the experience, telling People magazine that it was nice to forego the vanity of hair for a change. This iconic turn even inspired the band "Natalie Portman's Shaved Head"

Halle Berry - "Nappily Ever After"

Halle's one of the most beautiful women in the world, so she definitely raised a few eyebrows when it was announced that the Oscar winner would be shaving her head for her role in this film slated to be released later this year.

Signourney Weaver - "Alien 3"

"Alien" was one of the biggest Sci-Fi movies of all time, so it was no surprise when Weaver went hairless for her role reprisal as Ripley in this film. Definitely a risk to take for an already established actress who doesn't need to do anything shocking for a role.

Mena Suvari - "The Garden of Eden"

In this adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's famous novel, Suvari lopped her hair off to play the complicated Catherine Hill Bourne, a young woman that tests boundaries with her husband to see how much he loves her. It was a huge departure for Mena, who had become famous in "American Beauty" having long blonde hair.

So besides it's shock value, shaving your head for a role can be a good move for an actress. Do you think it's necessary for an actress to go all the way and shave their head for a role?

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