Crazy Celeb Diets: Inside Hugh Jackman 5,000 Calorie Diet and Jennifer Lopez's Expensive Food Delivery

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Crazy Celeb Diets: Inside Hugh Jackman 5,000 Calorie Diet and Jennifer Lopez's Expensive Food Delivery

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Hugh Jackman

Want to know the secret behind Hugh Jackman's ripped body in his upcoming movie "The Wolverine"? It's actually pretty simple: He does lots of weight training and eats chicken. Lots and lots of chicken.

"You actually have to eat a LOT, and I'm quite a skinny person," Jackman told SiriusXM in a recent interview. "So I'm eating ridiculous amounts of food. …Chicken breasts, but steamed, no salt. And steamed spinach."

Sounds pretty boring, but it's obviously working for the ripped Jackman. The Aussie actor also revealed that he follows the 16-8 diet, meaning that he fasts for 16 hours and eats his 5,000 calories in the remaining eight.

It must be fun to eat that much, right? Not at all, he said.

"I literally talk to myself like I'm training - 'One more mouthful, c'mon man! You can do it! Just one more mouthful!'"

Jackman isn't the only celeb changing up his diet to fit his career goals, though.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is looking incredible lately. Is controversial celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson the person we need to thank for this? It's possible. Anderson just unveiled a pricy new meal delivery plan and Lopez is already a big fan.

"She's been on it now for about two weeks, and she loves it, she keeps ordering it," Anderson told People. "She's not somebody who usually diets at all … [but] she needs the convenience. I'm so happy that somebody like that loves it because she has access to whatever food she wants."

Want to copy J.Lo and get on this diet? You may want to break out your checkbook, since a full 14-day meal plan costs upwards of $1,000!

Katherine Webb

Former "Splash" competitor Katherine Webb caused another big splash last week when she revealed her "secrets" to staying bikini ready all year long. The former beauty queen told People that she only eats about 1,100 calories a day to fuel her 5'11" frame.

She later changed her story when fans criticized her sparse food plan on the web.

"No way I only eat 1100 cals a day! I love chocolate too much!" she tweeted.

Chaz Bono

Former "Dancing With the Stars" competitor Chaz Bono has dropped 65 lbs. from his frame since November 2012, courtesy of his strict diet.

"I really avoid grains and starches, so meats and vegetables and fruits are my diet. I make them all different ways to keep it interesting," he told People.

Bono also turned to the Freshology meal delivery service to kickstart his weight loss. Like Anderson's new service, it is also too expensive for the common dieter. A 30-day plan costs nearly $1,500!

We think we'll stick to Jackman's chicken and spinach plan: It's a lot easier on the wallet!

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