Could Jennifer Aniston Play Michelle Bachmann? Casting the GOP Candidates in a Movie

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Could Jennifer Aniston play a political consultant?

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Could Jennifer Aniston play a political consultant?

Sarah Palin's star has somewhat diminished since she isn't part of the current group of GOP candidates, so the pitbull with lipstick should be pretty happy that she's getting a little attention once again thanks to Julianne Moore playing her in the HBO TV movie "Game Change." However, the current group of GOP candidates has been quite entertaining without Mama Grizzly, and they definitely deserve their own movie. Here are a few fun casting ideas for that future film:

Herman Cain

He might be gone, but he's certainly not forgotten. And who better to yell "nine-nine-nine" over and over again than Samuel L. Jackson? But of course the "Pulp Fiction" star would have a few other choice exclamations to throw in will trying to sell Cain's popular tax plan/pizza deal -- Jackson is probably contractually obligated to use the F-word at least nine times in any movie he gets cast in.

Michelle Bachmann

Meryl Streep would be the obvious choice here since she can transform into anyone, and she has experience playing a politician after recently starring as Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady." However, playing Bachmann could be Jennifer Aniston's "Monster" moment - when Charlize Theron physically transformed herself into serial killer Aileen Wuornos for that role, she easily snagged an Oscar. Not to say that Bachmann is a rough-looking serial killer or anything like that, but Jennifer would have to drastically alter her look and age herself a bit to play her (and of course she'd have to get that folksy accent down). If all else fails, Bachmann's SNL impersonator Kristin Wiig would make an excellent backup choice.

Mitt Romney

Since Mitt will likely end up being the GOP candidate, he has to be played by a big star. And who better than George Clooney? He recently starred in the political movie "The Ides of March" and loves to talk politics, so he'd probably accept the challenge. Plus he'd have no problem nailing that little condescending smile that Mitt puts on while his competition is talking during debates. But there's only one problem - if he played Mitt and Aniston played Michelle, audiences would expect the movie to be a romantic comedy about Romney and Bachmann falling in love with each other.

Newt Gingrich

The only actor in Hollywood with the right head shape to play Newt is Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and surely Gingrich would appreciate being played by the man who so perfectly portrayed gay author Truman Capote (Newt is an author himself, you know).

Rick Perry

Josh Brolin has already played George W. Bush, but he would make a much better Perry. Plus Perry would probably make some terrible gaffe by talking about being proud to be portrayed by the man who played the assassin of gay politician Harvey Milk.

Ron Paul

Dean Stockwell of "Quantum Leap" fame would make an excellent choice here, but gay actor Ian McKellen just looks so much like Paul. And if the English thespian could pull off his Texas twang, he would surely win an Oscar - people would certainly be impressed to see powerful good wizard Gandalf transform into a flaky former gynecologist obsessed with going back to the gold standard (apparently the shiny metal is his "Preciousss").

Rick Santorum

He probably wouldn't agree to do it because he'd believe that he's too handsome, but Stephen Colbert would be a hilarious choice here. After all, he loves reminding his viewers to Google Santorum's name.

Jon Hunstman

He might be too young and he might not look that much like him, but give Jon Hamm gray hair and a spray tan, and he'd make a very funny choice to play Huntsman. Why? Because Jon Stewart recently tricked Twitter users into confusing the two Jons by having them send questions aimed at Hamm to Huntsman. By using the hashtag "Q4Jon," they were able to bring important questions like this to the attention of the former governor of Utah: "How many of the actresses from 'Mad Men' have you slept with?" And of course Huntsman couldn't complain about this casting choice - he'd have to be extremely flattered to be portrayed by the other Jon H.

So who would you cast as the GOP candidates in a movie?

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