Coolest Kids Ever to Attend the Oscars

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Miley has turned from child star into a gorgeous award show attendee!

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Miley has turned from child star into a gorgeous award show attendee!

The 84th Annual Academy Awards are quickly approaching! Already, there is a lot of buzz about who will win, and more importantly, what they will be wearing to this highly anticipated occasion. Most of the time, it is the ladies who shine at the Oscars, but we shouldn't forget about the younger actors and actresses who have walked the red carpet! Here is a look at five of the coolest kids who have attended the Academy Awards.

Hailee Steinfeld

At 14 years old, Steinfeld is one of the youngest movie stars ever to be nominated for an Oscar. She was up against some stiff competition for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role award! In her category were Nicole Kidman, Annette Benning, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman. It is very cool that she was considered to be as talented as people who have been in the business for many years! Sadly for Hailee, it was Portman who walked away with the prize, but she will always be remembered for her amazing performance in "True Grit."

Saoirse Ronan

In 2008, Saoirse Ronan was just 13. She proved age is merely a number when she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Atonement." The talented teen arrived on the red carpet in a beautiful, emerald green dress, which might have been a shoutout to her Irish roots! Ronan isn't really an average country girl though. Her father, Paul, used to be an actor, and when his daughter was a toddler, he used to take her to movie sets where she was carried around by Brad Pitt! That is an amazing story she can tell people when she gets older!

River Phoenix

In his day, River Phoenix was the epitome of cool. He starred in a string of great movies before his untimely death in 1993. In 1988, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in "Running On Empty," and he attended the awards ceremony with actress, Martha Plimpton. He didn't manage to take an Oscar home with him, and sadly, he didn't get a chance for another shot at a trophy. However, his memory continues to live on through timeless classics such as "Stand By Me," and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."

Miley Cyrus

The "Hannah Montana" actress was lucky enough to attend the Oscars in 2009, and although she wasn't nominated for an award, she still managed to turn heads in her Zuhair Murad dress. Some might say it was a little over the top for a 17-year-old who was not going to win an award, but if you can't dress up at the Oscars, when can you? It shows huge bravery to wear something so unusual, and is definitely something to be admired.

Anna Paquin

When you see Paquin in "True Blood," running around with vampires, it's hard to believe that she was the adorable little girl who starred in the 1993 movie, "The Piano." She was only 11 years old when she won the award for Best Supporting Actress in 1994, making her the second youngest winner in the history of the Academy Awards. Anna wore a cute blue ensemble to the Oscars, complete with funky matching accessories!

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