Cool or Compulsive? Angelina Jolie Gets Another Tattoo

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Cool or Compulsive? Angelina Jolie Gets Another Tattoo

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Angelina Jolie

Not only does Angelina Jolie have a dragon tattoo, she could also have the most tattoos -- at least in Hollywood. After receiving yet another tattoo, the A-List actress is believed to have a total of 18 tats from head to tail.

The mother of six was snapped with her latest tattoo in Arabic script running down her forearm during a recent trip to Australia where she is directing a new movie. Though the meaning behind the ink has yet to be revealed, it lies perpendicular to another tattoo that means "determination" in Arabic.

Among the "Salt" actress's most famous tats are a Bengal tiger inked on her lower back and, on her left biceps, several rows of geographical coordinates representing the birthplaces of her six children. She added a seventh line in 2011, which some people thought was a sign she and Pitt were adopting again, but the latitude and longitude were those of her sweetheart's birthplace, Shawnee, Oklahoma.

The global humanitarian is down to only one dragon tattoo located on her lower back. She once had a blue-tongued dragon inked on her hip but had it covered up with a big cross and the Latin words, "Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit," which means "what nourishes me, destroys me." Another tattoo featured a dragon and the name Billy Bob for her ex-husband, but she covered it up with the family birthplace tattoo -- for obvious reasons.

As for her most recent tattoo, media and fan reaction has been mixed.

Perez Hilton was annoyed, but not because he had anything against her latest scribble. "Just when we had all of Angelina Jolie's tats identified and decoded, she goes and gets another one!" groused the celebrity blogger.

Over on Us Weekly, some commenters were less kind.

"She's a lovely woman but she's starting to look like a walking newspaper," wrote one reader.

"Why does she write words all over herself?" asked another. "Can't she just remember the word 'determination' or write it on a wall in her house or on her purse?"

Still, when HuffPo writer Andy Pemberton previously suggested Jolie has too many tattoos, he became a target of ridicule himself. "Is Jolie attempting to copy the look of Michelle Bombshell McGee?" he asked. "Surely there is a limit to the amount of ink a body can take and still look good? Do happy people get dozens of tattoos?"

Returning the slam, a HuffPo reader asked, "Do happy people write stupid, self-righteous articles like this?"

Jolie may just have the last word when it comes to her multiple tattoos. She once told a reporter, "I don't think it's abnormal that someone who spends their life in other skins wants to claim their own by marking things on it that matter to them."

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