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Connie Britton

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Connie Britton

Connie Britton continues to make a name for herself on the Hollywood scene. The talented actress stars in "American Horror Story," the drama created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk that also stars Dylan McDermott and Jessica Lange. The show is so well done and so popular that it's been picked up for a second season.

However, starring in a scary TV show is not the only thing the lovely redhead is up to. The 44-year-old recently adopted a baby boy from Ethiopia named Yoby -- a nickname for Eyob, his given name. The adoption process took three years. "I am thanking my lucky stars every day," said Britton.

Are you familiar with the "Friday Night Lights" star? Test your knowledge with some fun trivia.

True or False?

1. Born Constance Womack on March 6, 1967, her father was a Boston cab driver.

2. The actress loves to eat meat.

3. Connie, who played Dr. Gwendoline Holbrook in "A Nightmare on Elm Street," was always a big fan of the slasher films.

4. The star says "Friday Night Lights" is returning to the big screen.

5. The woman who plays Vivien Harmon on "American Horror Story" owns a poodle named Minnie.


1. False - Boston born Britton is the daughter of a physicist.

2. False - The "Spin City" star became a vegan in 2008.

3. False - Says the actress, "I'd never seen 'Elm Street' before we started shooting. Isn't that funny?"

4. True - "Pete is totally fired up to do it and I know Jason Katims is talking about writing a script. I think it's really a matter of ... getting everyone's busy schedules aligned and making it happen," says the actress. "I, for one, will do my part in trying to push it along."

5. False - Connie owns a pit-mix dog named Lucy.

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