Comedy Skits Fail to Impress - Most 'Unfunny' Moments of 2012 Emmys

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Comedy Skits Fail to Impress - Most 'Unfunny' Moments of 2012 Emmys

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Jimmy Kimmel's jokes fell somewhat flat.

The 2012 Emmy Awards attempted to bring in the laughs with stilted speeches and off-the-wall skits that made viewers cringe. Their attempt at comedy felt contrived and forced. Here's a look at some of the most unfunny moments of the 2012 Emmys.

1. Jimmy Kimmel prepares to host Emmys with toilet humor, nudity, and violence.

Toilet humor belongs in a Ben Stiller flick, not at the most prestigious awards ceremony in television. We didn't need to see naked Lena Dunham hiding in a bathroom stall and eating cake.

We didn't need to see to see a group of crazy women punching Kimmel's botoxed face into shape. If the skit had featured men punching a woman, audiences would been offended. Why is it more acceptable when women are punching a man?

And you would think that after two hours, Ellen DeGeneres would have found a pair of pants.

2. Julie Bowen rambles about nipple covers.

Nobody was particularly excited when Bowen won her second Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. Many viewers were hoping that Kathryn Joosten would receive a posthumous award.

The became even more awkward when Julie began babbling about nipple covers. She must have used the term "nipple covers" at least 10 times during that speech.

3. Kimmel makes stale jokes about lack of Republicans in Hollywood.

We get it. There are very few Republicans in Hollywood, and the industry is full of "godless liberal homosexuals." How about some new material?

4. Amy Poehler "sets the tone."

Amy and Louis C.K. presented the first award of the evening. During their skit, they talked about how they were "setting the tone" for the event. Unfortunately, their lackluster skit did set the tone for a night of uninspired vapid jokes.

Later, when Julia Louis-Dreyfus won an Emmy for her role in "Veep," Amy's awkward attempt at humor fell flat. The two apparently switched speeches, and Julia ended up talking about what a shame it was that Amy didn't win. The whole thing just made Amy look like a sore loser.

5. The Emmys make a PSA for adoption.

Two skits illustrated how kids have no respect for their parents.

First, "Modern Family" showcased Aubrey Anderson-Emmons talking back to her cast members, and pulling dangerous pranks such as removing the step-ladder from their trailer doors. As Kimmel awkwardly pointed out, this skit was a "public service announcement for adoption."

Later, Kimmel chastised his own parents for telling him that he could do anything if he set it mind to it. After failing to win an Emmy, he concluded that his parents "lied" to him, and he had Tracy Morgan escort them out of the theater.

5. OMG!! Tracy Morgan just passed out on stage.

In an attempt to gain viewers, Kimmel told audiences to post that Tracy had passed out on stage. This last-ditch effort came across as desperate. If they really want to attract viewers, how about creating skits that are actually funny?

6. Kimmel makes stale jokes about the lack of Republicans in Hollywood.

We get it--there are no Republicans in Hollywood. The industry is full of "godless liberal homosexuals." How about some updated material? Like Michael J. Fox's joke about how Facebook was supposed to be a bargain at $38 a share? That kind of material is actually funny and relevant.

7. Kimmel pays tribute to the dearly departed--In Memoriam Jimmy Kimmel.

Accompanied by the ever-saccharine Josh Groban, audiences were treated to a moving tribute to Jimmy Kimmel. "Sorry Matt Damon"? Matt wasn't the only one who deserved an apology. How about the rest of us that had to sit through that skit?

We need a new host. How about Ricky Gervais? Or even "2nd best comedian" Louis C.K.?

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