How Come Dennis Quaid Can’t Keep a Wife?

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Dennis Quaid

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Dennis Quaid

Despite his bulging bank account and Hollywood good looks, actor Dennis Quaid can't keep his wives happy. The thrice-married movie star is headed down the divorce aisle with wifey number three, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid, the mother of his famous four-year-old twins who almost died as newborns due to a medical error.

Court papers filed last week state the marriage had "become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities," legal gobbledygook meaning Quaid and the most recent Mrs. Q didn't get along.

But how does that explain the divorces of the dashing leading man to his previous two Mrs.

Before marrying Buffington, the 57-year-old actor was wed to rom-com queen Meg Ryan and horror film actress P.J. Soles of "Halloween" fame.

The media portrayed Ryan as the culprit in the demise of the couple's decade-long marriage, with rumors of her affair with Aussie actor Russell Crowe making the "When Harry Met Sally Star" appear to be the marriage spoiler and Quaid the wronged spouse. Ryan and Crowe starred together in "Proof of Life," an ironically titled movie that seemed to be the kiss of death for the Quaid-Ryan marriage.

It wasn't until many years after their divorce that Ryan revealed her ex-husband had been cheating on her for years. "Dennis was not faithful to me for a long time, and that was very painful," she told In Style magazine.

The "Sleepless in Seattle" star's accusation contradicted the family-man image her hunky husband had cultivated with the media. As People reported in 2000: "Quaid told reporters he yearned for nothing more than to spend summer vacation in Montana with his wife and son. 'For me,' he said, 'family is most important.'"

Yet a year before the split from his second wife, Quaid was accused of groping women on the set of his film "Any Given Sunday." "He's kind of like the cute popular guy in high school, smiling and winking at you," one crew member said. Another source said some of the females on the set griped the actor was "pawing" them and "grabbing their butts." And, perhaps most incriminating, a 21-year-old actress named Cara Kinder, who played a cheerleader in the film, said she turned down several invites to the actor's room at the Four Seasons.

The mother of Ryan's oldest child, Jack, had already stood by her man through his cocaine addiction and rehab stint. But his alcohol addiction may have been a lingering problem. As recently as October 2009, police whisked the "Big Easy" star out of his car before he and his wife drove off from a restaurant because the actor had obviously had too much to drink. "Dennis Quaid Avoids DUI by a Hair," blared a headline on TMZ, which also showed a video of the incident on its website.

As for the first Mrs. Quaid, P.J. Soles, scant information exists about their four-and-a-half year marriage, although the two have reportedly remained friends. At the time of the split, the cultish horror flick star commented on how sad her ex was when he split from Ryan, suggesting he didn't like to be Mr. Meg Ryan. "Meg is a much bigger star than him and that hurts him. He has a fragile ego and it is tough for him to be married to a bigger success than he is," she said. But the "Carrie" star used her ex-spousal privilege to keep mum on the problems with her own marriage to Quaid.

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