Colton Haynes Leaves 'Teen Wolf' & Other Celebs Who Left Shows Too Soon

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Colton Haynes Leaves 'Teen Wolf' & Other Celebs Who Left Shows Too Soon

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Colton Haynes

Sorry, Colton Haynes fans: The "Teen Wolf" actor won't be returning for season three of the hit MTV show.

"These past few yrs have been the best of my life," Haynes confirmed on Twitter. "I'm sad that this chapter has ended, but excited for a new one to begin. Thx for the love."

Why the departure? Some sources are saying that he was up for a role on a network television pilot, while others say it was due to his limited role in season three.

"It didn't make sense for him," a source told E! News. "It is heartbreaking for him. He is used to hanging out with the cast ever day. They are his friends. But he couldn't agree to a limited role."

MTV is denying the reports, saying that they "look forward" to having the whole cast return.

So, the reasons why he's leaving are unclear. He might want to check out some cautionary tales from other up-and-comers because he jumps ship to pursue bigger and better things.

David Caruso

David Caruso was the breakout star of the '90s hit drama "NYPD Blue" when he decided to leave after one year to pursue a film career. Critics and fans blasted him for leaving a "sure thing" for a questionable future in movies.

They were right. Caruso's film career never really took off. Luckily, he found a career resurgence when he landed the starring role on "CSI: Miami."

He later admitted the critics were right to question his departure from "NYPD Blue."

"I have had nine years of unemployment to clarify that," he told CNN's Paula Zahn in 2002. "A lot was happening in those days, very quickly. Television, as you know, can kind of jettison you into a whole new world. So too much was happening. Now as a different time, and I'm armed with different information."

Sounds like unemployment can humble a person pretty quickly.

Brian Dunkleman

Ryan Seacrest is the enduring voice and face of "American Idol," but that wasn't always the case. Seacrest co-hosted the show during its first season with Brian Dunkleman. When season two rolled around it was all Seacrest's show - Dunkleman opted to leave because he couldn't reconcile seeing kids losing their dreams on the show.

Now, Seacrest is a multi-millionaire with tons of work. And for Dunkleman? He's had bit parts on television shows, but nothing notable.

"Listen, I'd like to say I was just young and stupid, but the truth is, I really wasn't that young," he told Access Hollywood in 2011. "I mean listen, I was a comedian and an actor… What I wanted to do with my life is be an actor and that's going great (gives a thumbs up)."

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