Coco Vs. Cosmo! Is Ice T’s Wife Sexy or Skanky?

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Coco Austin has never been accused of being too modest. The model and reality TV star brazenly shares her life side-by-side with her man, Ice T, on the E! Network's "Ice Loves Coco." Fans tune in to see the rapper and the blonde beauty in a series of wacky day-to-day adventures with a fun cast of characters.

Coco is often scantily clad and proud of it. Earlier this year she appeared on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" to promote her various ventures. Good natured host Andy Cohen played a game where he showed close up cutouts from Coco's various Twitter pics. The object of the game was to guess whether the cleavage in question was Coco's backside or her breasts.

It would seem that Coco revels in her image as a sexpot. On her series she disputed rumors of plastic surgery. She maintains that she has built her famous posterior with exercise rather than a scalpel. She does admit to having breast implants, however. Earlier this year she appeared on the show "The Doctors" for an ultrasound to prove that her backside is real.

Cosmopolitan Magazine knows a thing or two about sex. After all, Helen Gurley Brown, the woman who made Cosmo what it is today is the author of "Sex and the Single Girl." Cosmo has a monthly feature called "Sexy vs. Skanky." They show various looks and then label them as sexy and classy or skanky and trashy. On their site they call it, "Fashion and beauty with a heavy dose of comedy."

Mrs. T is not laughing however. The feature recently named her a skank. Coco took to her twitter page to fight back. Her famous hubby has had his share of rap battles so the girl knows how to stand up for herself. The photo that they called skanky was taken while Austin was out walking her dogs.

Coco's angry tweet back reads, "Cosmo is always talkin crap about me! Paparazzi took pics while I was at dog park! They think I'm skanky cuz [sic] I'm wearing a tank top?? So stupid." She also tweets that she will be giving fitness tips on an upcoming episode of Bethenny Frankel's talk show. She goes on to zing it to the magazine with, "Pic of the day!!! Screw Cosmo Magazine!! Keep talking crap..I know my own power..Ladies at Cosmo need to embrace theirs." She then linked to a half naked NSFW photo.

We say good for you, Coco. We're sick of women shaming other women for their choices. Coco has her own style. It may not be our choice, but it's hers.

So what do you think? Is Coco sexy or skanky?

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