'Cloud Atlas' Could Be a Hit for Tom Hanks: A Look at His Biggest Box Office Openings

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'Cloud Atlas' Could Be a Hit for Tom Hanks: A Look at His Biggest Box Office Openings

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Tom Hanks is headed back to the theater with 'Cloud Atlas'

The release of the highly anticipated "Cloud Atlas" marks the return of Tom Hanks to a movie theater near you. The two-time Oscar winning actor headlines an impressive cast in the movie, which comes from the same people who brought "The Matrix" to the big screen. Early trailers have showcased some remarkable special effects, so it's safe to assume that Tom could be in line for one of his biggest box office openings yet. Though he has appeared in a number of films that went on to gross big bucks, Tom isn't known for having overwhelming openings. Based on its pedigree, "Cloud Atlas" could wind up being one of his best. Not counting the animated "Toy Story" series, here are Tom's biggest opening weekends at the box office.

"The Da Vinci Code" - $77,073,388

This 2006 religious caper had the advantage of opening in May, a month known for its high ticket sales. With its questions about the Catholic Church, it also had the benefit of controversial buzz. Those two things combined for an impressive opening for this movie. The fact that it leaned on mystery and dialogue as opposed to special effects made the numbers even more staggering. "The Da Vinci Code" went on to pull down more than $217 million at the domestic box office, making it one of 2006's biggest hits.

"Angels & Demons" - $46,204,168

This quasi-sequel to "The Da Vinci Code" saw Tom reprise his role from the original film. The movie opened up almost exactly three years after the original, but didn't come close to matching its success. The opening was solid, but it was barely enough to win the weekend. Rough reviews contributed to a major slide after the initial launch, and the movie ended up grossing around $133 million by the end of its run.

"Saving Private Ryan" - $30,576,104

This acclaimed 1998 film focused on World War II, and that led to major ticket sales at the box office. The opening propelled the film to a gross of more than $200 million, and it was the highest grossing R-rated movie for several years. It took the box office title for 1998, and remains one of the highest grossing war movies of all time. The movie also had Oscar success, earning director Steven Spielberg the award for Best Director. Tom also received a Best Actor nomination, but didn't win.

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