Clay Aiken Vs. Constantine Maroulis - is Clay Turning Into a Diva?

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Clay Aiken Vs. Constantine Maroulis - is Clay Turning Into a Diva?

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Clay Aiken

Move over, Nicki and Mariah--there's another "American Idol" feud brewing between Clay Aiken and Constantine Maroulis.

Over the weekend, Constantine called Clay out for demanding tickets to his show, "Jekyll and Hyde" in Durham, North Carolina, only to not show up! Constantine claims that Clay had requested free tickets and backstage passes to attend the performance, but sent his mom and assistant instead.

As Constantine tweeted, "wow pretty corny..Say ur comin, tix arranged, then you send ur mama and asst instead? Lol...stay classy."

"so....who took the pic?" His mama/asst - his team made a BIG deal he was comin and wanted M/G."

"I'm sure there was a valid excuse…(None we heard) Or they jus wanted free tix ha!"

Did Clay Pull a Diva Move?

Clay has yet to respond to Constantine's tweets. This could mean either of two things: either he's trying to take the high road by staying out of another Twitter feud, or he thinks he's above having to explain himself.

Since Clay never offered an explanation for not showing up, I'm going to assume that he flaked out. Even if he had a valid excuse, he could have at least explained or apologized.

Other recent incidents make me wonder if Clay is turning into a diva.

Clay Vs. "Idol" Judges

Last month, in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Clay reflected on the direction that "Idol" has taken in recent years. "'Idol' back in those days was about the contestants. Kelly [Clarkson] and Justin and Tamyra [Gray] and Nikki McKibbin, they were all the stars of the show. And when I was on, Ruben [Studdard] and myself and Kimberley Locke were the stars of the show. Now 'Idol' is about the judges. I don't even know if they remember there are contestants anymore."

He actually makes a valid point. With all the publicity surrounding the changes on the judging panel, and the hyped-up feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, some of the focus has moved away from the contestants.

Still, it's probably not in Clay's best interests to slam the show that jump-started his career.

Clay Vs. John Rich

During the 2012 presidential election, Clay took to Twitter to complain about the lack of racial diversity in the Republican party. As he tweeted, "Playing drinking game with my brother now. We drink every time we see a black person on screen at the RNC convention #soberasamormon."

John Rich responded by accusing Clay of promoting exclusion rather than inclusion. "You should be ashamed for racist comments like THAT!WOW..."And to finish it off, @clayaiken hashtags soberasamormon? I thought your charity was for inclusion, not EXCLUSION. What happened?...Between the hashtag 'negrospotting' and what I've read ever since, I've just had enough of this racist nonsense. It's sick. PLS STOP."

To quote "South Park," race-baiting is "so 2010." Come on, Clay, you're better than that!

Clay Vs. Adam Lambert

Back in 2009, Clay had some choice words about Adam's singing. "This year, I happened to turn it during the minute that Adam Lambert was singing 'Ring of Fire' and, at that moment, thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful, and slightly frightening!"

Clay might want to take some lessons from Glambert on when to keep his mouth shut.

In May 2012, Glambert was stumped during an appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens." When Andy Cohen asked him to say three nice things about Clay, Adam was speechless.

Andy asked, "want to plead the fifth?" Adam responded, "no, I just can't think of any nice things."

Was Constantine overreacting to Clay not showing up for his performance? Or is Clay turning into a diva?

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