Claudia Gets A 'Kick' Out of 'Dixie'

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Claudia Gets A 'Kick' Out of 'Dixie'

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Claudia Gets A 'Kick' Out of 'Dixie'

So much of a show's first season must be dedicated to introducing a whole new world to the audience and making them care about the core characters. So now that we've fallen head over heels in love with Zoe Hart, George Tucker, Wade Kinsella, Lavon Hayes, Lemon Breeland and the town of Bluebell, Hart of Dixie is free to start exploring some of the other townsfolk in the recently launched second season.

Atop Hart's hitlist is Lemon's little sister, Magnolia, played by Claudia Lee. The character, and the actress, take center stage in tonight's episode as Bluebell-a-palooza comes to town and Magnolia flaunts her pipes as one of the event's featured singers. And art is definitely imitating life since Claudia is not only a singer herself, but the tune crooned is actually available on Lee's debut CD! Lemon declared her independence in the season premiere, and Magnolia seemed excited about it. Was she putting on a front?
Claudia Lee: Magnolia wants to see her sister be happy and have her own independent life, but there's a struggle there. Lemon was always a mother-figure for Magnolia, so who does she look to now that Lemon's moving out? It's new territory for Magnolia and that's exciting because we'll start to see a new side of her this season. She's maturing and having to make decisions that 15-year-old's don't often have to make.

RELATED - Jaime King on Lemon's Big Decision Right, it seems like Brick will probably start leaning on Magnolia more with Lemon out of the house.
Claudia: Exactly. Magnolia has to become the main support system since Lemon wants to move on, so you'll see more of Magnolia and Brick on their own. She's very protective of her father and seeing her might have feelings for Emily is new territory for her. Magnolia doesn't want to see her father heart-broken like when their mother left. In tonight's episode, you get to sing. Tell me about that.
Claudia: It's so exciting! Magnolia gets to sing as a part of Bluebell-a-palooza and the song, Take My Hand, is actually off my album! I was so thrilled when I got the call they wanted to use one of my songs, so the fact that it’s happening is so cool. The song is all about owning who you are and owning what you believe in, so the song depicts what's happening in season two with everyone's decisions.

VIDEO - Inside Hart of Dixie You're also working on Kick-Ass 2 right now, who do you play?
Claudia: I play Brooke, who is originally part of the Hit Girl miniseries. Brooke plays into Mindy's school life -- yes, Mindy is a superhero but she's also a normal teenager girl, and Brooke is very manipulative, blunt and says what's on her mind. The kind of girl you don't want to cross, which is fun because I've never played someone like this. Everyone who crossed Mindy in the first movie ended up covered in blood. Should we worry for Brooke's mortality?
Claudia: [laughs] Yes, you should be a little bit worried. It won't be blood, but it's something else. It's interesting how this whole nemesis storyline plays in because Brooke is basically torturing Mindy and it really shows a vulnerable side to Hit-Girl.

Hart of Dixie airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. and Kick-Ass 2 is due out in 2013.

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