Cindy Crawford Embraces Her Bare Face: More Stars We like Seeing Without Makeup

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Cindy Crawford Embraces Her Bare Face: More Stars We like Seeing Without Makeup

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Cindy Crawford

Forty-something supermodel Cindy Crawford has enforced a no makeup rule for her mini-me (and aspiring model), daughter Kaia Gerber. But it seems that she's taking the makeup lesson to heart, and has gone so far as to champion the benefits of taking it easy on the cosmetics as she ages. The former Calvin Klein model is as recognized for her fresh approach to beauty as she is for her famous beauty mark, so seeing her without "war paint" isn't that shocking. Unfortunately, we're not always as forgiving with other celebs. Nonetheless, there are some stars who seem to shine brighter without cosmetic assistance…

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has been photographed without makeup for years. The paps often seem to catch her by surprise, but she appears principally unfazed by the encounters. Indeed, Eva's face is often praised for its refreshed appearance even when she's having down time. Some might even say her cosmetic-free look is much younger than her thirty-something years.

Kim Kardashian

While some tabloids love making fun of the controversial reality star, many conclude that without layers of paint, Kim's natural beauty is front and center. Kim is frequently snapped heading to and from the gym, or getting her nails done without wearing makeup. But even during casual outings it seems her rear end still gets more attention than a face devoid of cosmetics.


While the brazen star doesn't seem to care much what people think about her style choices, Rihanna is one celeb that the public enjoys seeing without a full face of cosmetics. Despite her fashion risks, the Barbados-born babe likes to allow her natural features to shine through. Nonetheless, when the "Birthday Cake" singer goes completely bare-faced, more of that "Good Girl" (gone bad) is evident.

Olivia Wilde

Most would say that it's pretty hard to have an "off day" if your name is Olivia Wilde. That's because the "Alpha Dog" actress has the kind of skin that appears to gleam, even without foundation. She's been caught hanging out bare-faced around Hollywood on quite a few occasions. Wilde is either extremely comfortable without makeup, or profoundly aware of how invigorated she looks without it.


Nicole "Snooki" Pollizzi is famous for a lot of things, especially all things over-the-top. Big hair, tons of animal print, and lots of smoky eyeshadow are just a few. Imagine how we reacted when we first saw the 24-year-old with a spray tan-free face. In fact, many fans admitted that the "Jersey Shore" star's scrubbed look is softer and much prettier than her typical made-up style.

Which fresh-faced celebs are your favorites?

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