Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn, and Other Celebs with Fake Nude Photos

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Christina Hendricks is one of the latest victims of phone hacking.

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Christina Hendricks is one of the latest victims of phone hacking.

As evidenced by Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn's recent leaked nude photos, either hackers or celebrities are getting smarter when it comes to "sexting" pics.

"Mad Men" bombshell Christina fessed up to getting hacked when some of her personal pics circulated on the web over the weekend, but she claimed that the only topless photo in the batch leaked on the web was a fake. Olivia was also able to make this argument about the only purported nude pic of her. This is because there are no faces shown in both of the photos.

So some crafty hacker is either lumping headless nude pictures of random women in with real photos of female celebs and calling them the real deal, or Christina and Olivia got smart with their cell phone art - by only photographing their bodies, no one would be able to know whether or not the nude photos actually feature them.

And it's not hard to see why hackers would resort to simply finding naked headless bodies when it comes to faking leaked photos - anytime a face can be seen it a faked photo, it's fairly easy to tell that it's not the real deal.

For example, it wasn't hard to see that the topless photo of Katy Perry that circulated on the web last year was a photo shop job - one of her tattoos was noticeably absent from the pic. The sexy singer was also the subject of yet another fake photo scandal last year that was even worse - sites tried to pass off full frontal photos of a lookalike with a completely different body shape as Katy.

Taylor Swift also had problems with a disrobed doppelganger - the squeaky-clean country singer threatened to sue the website Celebrity Jihad last year when it posted a topless photo of a girl who bore a passing resemblance to her. The site implied that Swift was actually the girl in the pic, and released a statement saying that the photo would be removed if Taylor converted to Islam and devoured the entrails of a sacrificed goat.

Her "The Lorax" costar Zac Efron proved that even male celebs can be subject to fake photo scandals - last year a pic of the actor *ahem* enjoying his own company caused quite a stir on Twitter, but one internet sleuth proved that the photo was phony by actually finding the picture of Zac's face that was used to create the naughty fraud.

Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Emma Watson have also had to deal with fake nude photo scandals in the past, so it's really become a big problem for celebrities.

However, the fake photos could end up working to celebs' advantage when it comes to future leaks - since there are so many frauds floating around out there, it will be fairly easy for fans to buy stars' claims that any hacked photos from their phones are actually fakes featuring photo shop jobs or lookalikes. But for right now there are probably also plenty of guys who are going to ignore Christina and Olivia's claims that theirs aren't the real deal.

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