Christina Aguilera's Dip Dyed Hair, and Her Other Fashion Disasters Over the Years

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Christina Aguilera's Dip Dyed Hair, and Her Other Fashion Disasters Over the Years

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Christina Aguilera has had several horrific outfits through the years.

At the 2012 ALMA Awards, Christina Aguilera added a brand new disaster to her collection of fashion failures. Although her dress was modest and beautiful, her dip dyed purple hair kind of ruined the look. Cutesy hair, with a grown-up dress doesn't work, and this is just another in a long line of terrible fashion choices the singer has made. Let's have a look at some of Christina's worst fashion mistakes over the years.

Fake tan issues

At Etta James' funeral in January of this year, Aguilera made a couple of terrible errors in judgment with her clothes. First of all, showing off so much cleavage at a funeral seems in slightly poor taste, but the biggest issue was her fake tan. While singing a version of "At Last," the diva kept wiping her at her legs. The problem wasn't clear at first, until streaks of orange began to show! There really isn't a worse time to have such a massive issue than at a funeral that is being watched by the world.

Dirrty Christina

Back in 2002, when she released her album, "Stripped," her most famous song of the time was "Dirrty." For the video, she donned leather chaps, danced in a boxing ring, and covered herself in mud. She sort of managed to get away with it because she was young, but even after all these years, it is still definitely one of her worst outfit offenses.

Big hair

Probably the worst look of any celebrity ever, in 2001 Aguilera sported a gigantic mess of blonde curls, and a slashed dress. Everything about the look was wrong - not even her make-up or accessories could save her! Granted, her slender figure was amazing, but her nightmare of a dress looked as though it had been sewn by Edward Scissorhands.

Bad dress, no bra

January 2012 was a really bad time for the singer, fashion-wise. At an event for "The Voice," she showed up in a flimsy leopard print dress with no bra. Ten years ago, it wouldn't have been a problem, but while we salute Christina's fuller figure, a decent bra would have made the whole look much, much better.

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