Christina Aguilera and Other Singers Who Have Embraced Their Curves

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Christina Aguilera and Other Singers Who Have Embraced Their Curves

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Christina Aguilera loves her curves.

Recently Christina Aguilera has shown a more substantial side of herself as a judge on NBC's "The Voice" as well as a very in-your-face performance on this year's "American Music Awards" wearing not much more than a corset and a smile. Her weight gain has caused a fire storm of controversy from quotes that were never made by Aguilera in a Billboard magazine interview, to snarky comments on blogs and social media. Aguilera has gone on record saying that she's comfortable with the way she looks now, and she's not alone. Here's a look at other singers who have embraced their bodies and abstain from the 'stick-thin' industry ideal.


After surgery to repair her vocal chords, Adele debuted a much svelter figure at last year's Grammy Awards, prompting tongues to wag about whether the singer was losing weight to conform to the 'ideal' thin look in Hollywood. This was especially controversial since Adele had been so outspoken about never wanting to lose weight. Turns out, the weight loss was surgery related and the result of a brief liquid diet while she healed.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is looking healthier than ever. While we've seen some weight fluctuations over the years, she's adamant that she is who she is and being healthy comes first. She was the September cover girl for Self magazine, where she said in an interview that her weight might fluctuate but she's "never felt uncomfortable." This is a great message for young fans, except the cover photo was airbrushed to reveal an unrealistically svelte Clarkson.

Kimberley Locke

Another "American Idol" alum, Locke has embraced her curvy figure throughout her career. Back in 2011 she famously lost 40 pounds, but stressed that it was all about a healthier lifestyle, not wanting to be thin. She still embraces a fuller figure, but her focus is more health-centric now.

Clearly Christina isn't alone when it comes to projecting a more realistic body image for today's pop stars. However, she seems to attract more negative attention for her weight management. Why do you think Aguilera's weight gets so much attention, when other singers like the ones listed above don't get picked on so much?

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