Christina Aguilera Covers Lucky Magazine, Plus Some of Her Worst Magazine Covers

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Christina Aguilera Covers Lucky Magazine, Plus Some of Her Worst Magazine Covers

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Christina Aguilera is on yet another magazine cover!

Christina Aguilera covers the October 2012 issue of Lucky magazine and while she looks lovely, it's not her greatest cover. In the photo, she's sporting a denim jacket and several necklaces, rings and bracelets and has her hair in flowing soft waves. The pose in the photo looks strange - she's pulling at her collar with both hands while her elbows are bent away from her body. There's no life to her expression or her eyes and it comes across like she just wants to get the photo over and done with as quickly as possible. Over the years her look has matured and gotten more sophisticated, so while it's not her best photo, she's previously done several other magazine covers that were far worse.

Out magazine June 2010

On the June 2010 cover of Out magazine, the songstress was sporting quite the crazy look. A black spiderweb-esque hat sat on her head while a red snake crawled over her folded arms. Her blonde hair was in pigtail knots on either side of her head and her makeup was completely goth. She was donning black lipstick, dark and heavy eye makeup and pencil-thin drawn on eyebrows. We appreciate her ability to try out different styles, but to say this wasn't a good look for her would be a huge understatement.

Maxim magazine January 2003

Everyone remembers Christina from her "Dirrty" days. It's a prime example how far she's come from her early 20s. On the January 2003 cover of Maxim magazine, she's wearing nothing but a pair of itty bitty string bikini bottoms and a necklace. Her arm is crossed over her chest and she's kneeling down in the sand. She had atrocious stringy blonde and black hair at the time and had beads in some of the strands. We're sure many would agree her look is much better now than it was back then.

Blender magazine December 2003

On the December 2003 issue of Blender magazine, she switched up her locks and dyed them black, but they still look greasy and stringy. On the cover, she's wearing a black pendant necklace and a red corset that has frayed strands hanging from the bottom. A red ribbon is wrapped around her right arm and she went heavy with the eye makeup. She doesn't look like herself at all and if her name wasn't plastered in big yellow letters, we wouldn't even know it was her. Blonde hair suits her much better. Kudos to her for moving beyond that awful look.

What do you think of her new Lucky magazine cover?

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