Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo's Exit from ‘The Voice’ - Some Theories About Their Hiatus

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Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo's Exit from ‘The Voice’ - Some Theories About Their Hiatus

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Cee-Lo, Christina Aguilera

Season 3 of the "The Voice" marks Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera's last spin on the reality competition (at least for a while). With R&B hunk Usher and hip-shaking Shakira joining the panel, the switch is sure to create quite the buzz. Even so, we're now wondering exactly what might be the real reasons for the shake-up. We know what they've told us. But what if other reasons exist?

Losing "Freshness?"

Cee Lo once said that he would remain on the show as long as it "remained fresh." Ironically, it appears that contestants in Season 3 are already gravitating toward the other judges. One competitor even admitted that he'd planned on choosing the "Crazy" singer as a coach, but then changed his mind. It seems that contestants were more eager to work with the boisterous singer in the earlier installments; perhaps they feel he's lost his "freshness." Nonetheless, Green has multiple projects on his hands, including a sitcom based on his life; he probably isn't too concerned about staying busy.

Did controversy over Cee Lo's pets prompt his exit?

It seems unlikely that entire legions of "The Voice" viewers would protest Cee Lo's furry and feathered mascots, especially considering that dogs ended up champions on "America's Got Talent." But it's also feasible that his parade of animals didn't sit well with everyone else. No one really knows for sure. What we do know is that not even petting zoo kitsch could keep Green on the program.

Did Xtina hate pushing the red button?

Christina has a habit of holding out on hitting her red button, often letting her male cohorts "duke it out." While all the judges appear to be taking each contestant in stride, the reality show's lone female judge claims to be listening for something very specific, namely the ability to extend runs in perfect pitch, with a massive amount of power. (Sound familiar?) It might be unfair to conclude that Christina's time on "The Voice" has been spent searching for her vocal doppelganger. However, it is possible that show execs are looking for a female judge whose expectations are more varied.

Christina Aguilera: The Competition's "Problem Child?"

Aguilera has been accused of shameless attention-seeking behavior…from her daring get-ups to frequent personal anecdotes and comparisons. The feisty singer has also come under fire for her mini-feud with Season 2 contestant, Tony Lucca. Once Mouseketeers together, the two at first were friendly; but it seemed that leftover tensions returned to haunt them. Tony has since admitted that he thinks their spats cost him viewer votes.

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