Christie Brinkley Turns 60: Her Top Tips for Staying in Tip-Top Shape

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Christie Brinkley Turns 60: Her Top Tips for Staying in Tip-Top Shape

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Christie Brinkley

Looks like 60 is the new sexy!

Christie Brinkley turned the big 6-0 on Feb. 2, but she still knows how to wow. The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model celebrated her milestone birthday with a photo shoot and interview for People magazine, posing in a bright blue bathing suit for the cover shot.

While even Oprah Winfrey has said that she "took a pause" over the prospect of turning 60, Brinkley told the mag she's actually excited about it. "I feel on top of my game," she said.

It's that positive attitude, a healthy lifestyle (and yes, a generous helping of good genes!) that have kept the mom of three (her kids are Alexa, 28, Jack, 18, and Sailor,15) looking as gorgeous as she did in her supermodel heyday.

Of course, even a hot mom like Brinkley stopped short of donning a bikini for the photo shoot."My kids would be so embarrassed!" she said. "In private I may wear a bikini, but at the public beach with my kids I would change bathing suits because they do not want to be hanging out with some old broad in a bikini."

The supermodel revealed that she takes care of herself for her kids. "Because I'm an older mom, I have a responsibility to my kids as well as myself," she said. "I want to be there for them."

So, what are her tricks for looking and feeling young?

Start scrubbing. Brinkley's biggest tip is regular exfoliation. She noted that men look five years younger because they shave, so she exfoliates daily - and it's not a new ritual. A decade ago she told Good Housekeeping, "I've always done a lot of exfoliation. I look for the grittiest, roughest, toughest scrubs. I've always been a big scrubber."

Work out daily.
C'mon, you didn't think that body comes for free! Brinkley changes up her workouts (weights, spinning, yoga), but she's loyal to her Total Gym. (Fans may recall she's plugged the machine in a series of infomercials with Chuck Norris.) Earlier this month, she told Us Weekly that she also likes to bike, ski and dance, and added, "I really go use the Total Fitness gym. That's not just advertising."

Multi-task. She's also a master at multitasking. In 2010, the model told Shape she even squeezes in some moves while she's brushing her teeth. "I'll dry my hair as though I'm sitting on a chair, even though there's no chair there. Then I'll do some squats," she said. "When I am brushing my teeth, I'm bending my leg behind me. Or I'm lifting my leg up and holding it in that position so I'm squeezing my butt in. I can do that while I'm washing or slicing vegetables, too." She also sneaks in 100 push-ups every day.

Eat your veggies. Brinkley follows a mostly vegan diet and eats three meals a day. (Sample menu: sheep's milk yogurt with fruit and wheat germ for breakfast). She's been a vegetarian since age 13, so lunch and dinner includes plenty of beans and veggies, and she snacks on melon and walnuts. And this lady knows how to just say no to sugar. "If I'm craving something sweet, I'll drink cold coconut water," she said. "That quenches it for me."

When she does splurge, she makes it worthwhile. Brinkley previously told Shape, Believe me, I love a good chocolate chip ice cream. I'm not going to go for some lousy version of it. If I'm going to have it I'm going to have a really good one. I believe in treating yourself occasionally to something."

Camouflage … and care. In the People interview, Brinkley revealed that she dons pantyhose that give her "a sense of security." (The brand: Noblesse by Fogal.) She also admitted that she has five different sizes of jeans in her closet. "Sometimes I eat a lot of pasta," she dished. But her biggest tip has nothing to do with diet or exercise. Brinkley says one of the best beauty secrets is to "care about the world around you … the word 'involved' has a lot to do with feeling young."

It certainly seems to be working for her!

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