Christie Brinkley to Guest Star on 'Parks and Recreation' - Plus a Look the Show's Best Guest Stars

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Christie Brinkley to Guest Star on 'Parks and Recreation' - Plus a Look the Show's Best Guest Stars

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Christie Brinkley will guest star in an upcoming episode of "Parks and Rec."

Fans of the NBC sitcom "Parks and Recreation" should be quite pleased with the casting decision that was just announced. Supermodel and Billy Joel's ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, will be the wife of office scapegoat, Jerryy Gergich on the show. At first the pairing might seem odd, but last year we found out that Gerry's daughter was unbelievably good looking, and we all were left scratching our heads. We need scratch no longer.

Casting the uptown girl in the role is just the latest in a string of great guest stars the show, in its fifth season, has managed to sign on. Guest stars are able to come in and fit right into the universe that Leslie, Tom, Ben, April, Andy and Ron all inhabit because each character on the show is uniquely quirky in their own way, so new guests can just bring their own wackiness to the table. Here are a few of the more notable guest stars.

Paul Rudd - Last year the "Anchorman" had a recurring guest role as Bobby Newport, the man-child of the richest man in Pawnee. He was running against Leslie for city council and Rudd did what he does best: got huge laughs. What makes Paul so good is that he can play smarter, more complex roles, or he can play the cartoonishly dimwitted characters like Bobby, and he's believable in both.

Louis C.K. - When C.K. first appeared on the show in the second season, he was a popular stand-up but he hadn't become the virtual household name that is now. Louis played the first love interest we all hoped Leslie would find happiness, but Dave the cop moved to San Diego just a few episodes later, leaving Leslie in her small Indiana town. C.K. came back last year for a couple episodes, causing some very comical friction with Ben, Leslie's current beau, who's played by the hilarious Adam Scott.

Megan Mullally - Though she's only been on five episodes, Megan's portrayal of Ron Swanson's evil ex-wife Tammy II (yes, there is a Tammy I) is so great she leaves a lasting impression for the whole season. She and Nick Offerman, who happens to be her off-screen husband, are able to get truly weird with each other, making their scenes together absolutely, jaw-droppingly funny. Mullally will also be on the same episode that Brinkley guest stars in.

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