Should Christian Slater Stick to Movies or Do More TV?

Christian Slater has two films opening this week - "Assassin's Bullet," co-starring Donald Sutherland, and "Soldiers of Fortune," which also features Ving Rhames, Dominic Monaghan and Sean Bean. These are added to the list of nine other features released this year or coming in the near future. Like most film actors these days Christian has tried to make the leap to the small screen but so far has not found success. Perhaps he should just stick to movies. Here's a rundown of Slater's recent film versus TV projects.

Christian Slater Has Not Found Success on TV

In the last four years, Slater has starred in three series that have lasted 20 episodes or less. Is this three strikes and you're out for Slater or will he take another shot at bat down the line?

"My Own Worst Enemy" - In 2008 Slater made his debut as a lead in a TV drama in the NBC series "My Own Worst Enemy." On the show he played a dual role as a secret agent implanted with a chip which allowed him to lead a double life without any knowledge that his alter-ego existed. As the cracks in his secret began to appear so did the flaws in the premise. The show lasted only nine episodes before NBC pulled the plug.

"The Forgotten" - Slater had only slightly better luck with his next foray into TV land with "The Forgotten." On this show Slater played a man who founded a group of amateur detectives trying to uncover the truths behind unsolved murders. Sadly for Slater and for fans, the show was canceled before his character was able to get to the bottom of the crime that prompted him to start the network, the disappearance of his daughter.

"Breaking In" - Apparently Slater is extremely tenacious and tried for a third TV series with the Fox comedy "Breaking In." It seemed like he was on to something with this mid-season replacement that received an order for a second season. But after just seven episodes of the second go around, the series was canceled for good.

Does Christian Slater Have Better Luck in Film?

Slater made a name for himself in movies like "Heathers," "True Romance" and "Pump Up the Volume." And while some list him as one of the best actors of his peer group, and he appears to be constantly working in the movies, he has not had a big hit for quite some time. Can "Assassin's Bullet" or "Soldiers of Fortune" revive his big screen career or will he just be remembered for past roles?

"Assassin's Bullet" - In this new film Slater plays an FBI agent charged with tracking down a vigilante terrorist killer. Donald Sutherland plays the U.S. Ambassador. Early reviews are not great and the limited release pretty much guarantees this will not be Slater's come back film.

"Soldiers of Fortune" - Also opening in limited release this week is "Soldiers of Fortune." Slater stars with Dominic Monaghan, Sean Bean and Ving Rhames in a film about a group of wealthy men who pay a large fee to take part in military operations. Word on the street is not much better for this film than "Assassin's Bullet."

"Assassin's Bullet" and "Soldiers of Fortune" open on August 3. Check local listings for theaters and times.

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