Chris Zylka Apologizes For Bashing Ex Lucy Hale

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Chris Zylka Apologizes For Bashing Ex Lucy Hale

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Chris Zylka Apologizes For Bashing Ex Lucy Hale

Chris Zylka had an unfortunate dear diary moment via Twitter on Sunday, saying some not-so-nice things about his ex, Lucy Hale. Two days later, the scorned Secret Circle star is apologizing to his former flame in a lengthy online love letter.

He writes:

"I'd like to apologize about my previous comments. Lucy is not only one of the most talented people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, but also one the most beautiful inside, and out. Anyone who's ever watched, or had the pleasure of meeting her knows this to be true. I apologize for tarnishing any view anyone has on this amazing women [sic]. I had the honor of loving her. That love will never fade, as your love should never fade from her is well. She's going to change the world one day. And the last thing I want to do is be any reason for her to look bad in any way. She a remarkable human with an infectious personality, and a heart bigger than anyone's I've ever known. Proud to love her. And I'll continue to be her biggest fan as I know she will to me too."

And to punctuate the sentiment, he adds:

"Love you all and be well and don't forget ARIA RULES!!!!!"

For those unfamiliar with the drama, when Zylka was asked by a fan on Twitter if he was single, the 27-year-old actor responded, "Don't have a girlfriend. She decided she was too good."

The tweet has since been deleted.

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