Chris Klein Turns 33: Trivia About the Actor

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Chris Klein is celebrating his 33rd birthday today!

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Chris Klein is celebrating his 33rd birthday today!

Actor Chris Klein is celebrating his 33rd birthday on March 14. With the new movie "American Reunion" set to hit theatres soon, the actor should be pretty happy this year. He is reprising his most famous role for the first time since "American Pie 2" was released in 2001. The actor hasn't had a lot of huge hits outside of the "American Pie" films but he has managed to work steadily ever since those two comedies made him a star. How much do you know about the actor? Here is some trivia about Chris Klein in honor of his birthday.

1. Before appearing in "American Pie" in 1999, Klein starred in another hit film. "Election" was a popular satire of school elections and also starred Reese Witherspoon. What Oscar nominated director was behind this film?

2. In 2002, Klein played the role in a remake of a 1975 movie. The movie also featured LL Cool J and Jean Reno. What was the name of the movie?

3. Klein had a supporting role in a 2002 war movie that starred Mel Gibson. What movie based on a Vietnam battle featured the actor?

4. In 2006, the actor appeared in the ensemble comedy "American Dreamz." The movie poked fun at reality television as well as other things. What was the somewhat funny name of his character in the movie?

5. His role in "American Reunion" will be his first appearance in a feature film since 2010. He appeared in the straight to video movie "Caught in the Crossfire." What famous rapper also starred in the crime movie?


1. Alexander Payne directed "Election" and won an Oscar for writing the screenplay. He would go on to make popular movies such as "Sideways" and "The Descendants."

2. Klein starred as Jonathan Cross in the 2002 remake of "Rollerball."

3. Klein had a part in "We Were Soldiers."

4. The actor played the role of William Williams in "American Dreamz."

5. Klein was joined by rapper 50 Cent in the movie "Caught in the Crossfire."

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