Chris Hemsworth Stars in 'Red Dawn' for Thanksgiving: What Else He's Been Up to in 2012

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Chris Hemsworth Stars in 'Red Dawn' for Thanksgiving: What Else He's Been Up to in 2012

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Chris Hemsworth is starring in "Red Dawn."

Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally very big for movie theaters, and "Red Dawn" is one of the biggest movies to be released for the holiday. The remake of the 1980s cult classic about a group of young people that band together to fight a foreign invasion in their hometown boasts a strong cast of young stars. The biggest name in the film is Chris Hemsworth, who is no stranger to starring in box office hits. Despite his young age, he has already starred in three movies that have opened up with more than $50 million. The release of "Red Dawn" is just the latest example of why the 29-year-old actor is having a great year. Here are a few other reasons why 2012 has been huge for Chris Hemsworth.

He became a father

No matter what happens in his career, becoming a dad might be the biggest thing that ever happens for Chris. This past May, he welcomed a daughter with wife Elsa Pataky. The daughter was named India Rose, which is an obvious homage to the country. "We love the country and love the name," he said. The baby, who was born in London, figures to have a very versatile upbringing. Chris's wife is Spanish, and she plans to share the language with their daughter. She said, "I already told my husband, 'Get ready fast with Spanish because, if not, you're not going to be able to understand what we say.'"

He starred in the year's biggest film

Chris's first big box office hit was "Thor," but that gross profit was nothing compared to what "The Avengers" earned earlier this year. Chris reprised his role as the superhero in the ensemble movie, which also starred Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr. The movie set a record by earning more than $207 million in its first weekend, and went on to earn more than $623 million domestically. That's good for the third-best gross earnings in box office history.

He's busy working

Chris won't have a lot of time to enjoy the success of "Red Dawn." He's already currently working on the next "Thor" movie, which is set to come in 2013. He will also star in the Ron Howard film "Rush" in 2013, in which he plays a race car driver, as well as the adventure film "In the Heart of the Sea." If that's not enough, there are also plans for another "Avengers" movie as well as a sequel to his other 2012 hit, "Snow White & The Huntsman."

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