Chris Evans Costars With Serious Man Candy

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Chris Evans works his best angle.

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Chris Evans works his best angle.

"Captain America: The First Avenger" actor Chris Evans seems to have a way of landing movie roles that call for him to star alongside other good-looking guys, so it's nice to know that America's greatest hero doesn't have too much of an ego. So what other hotties will this hunk soon be starring alongside?

Fans of movies loaded with gorgeous guys won't have to wait long for his first flick featuring cute costars, since his patriotic superhero character will be sharing the silver screen with the likes of "Gossip Girl" Lothario Sebastian Stan this weekend. Leighton Meester's ex will be playing Captain America's sidekick BFF Bucky Barnes, so expect things to get a little bit bromantic. Those that can't get enough of this blue-eyed babe can look forward to seeing more of him later this year in "The Apparition," a frightening flick that also features Ashley Greene and Tom Felton.

"Mamma Mia" star Dominic Cooper is another Captain America cutie. The dark-haired dreamboat will be playing another pal of the Cap, a gadget whiz that helps give him the edge against his Nazi enemies when strength is not enough.

Later this year Evans will share the screen with beautiful bubbly blonde Anna Faris in "What's Your Number?," but her movie about revisiting 19 ex-boyfriends in an effort to find "the one" calls for plenty of male eye candy besides Chris. Another cute Chris, Anna's real-life hubby Chris Pratt ("Parks and Recreation"), will be playing an ex she dubs "Disgusting Donald," while "Community" actor Joel McHale will star as a handsome, hands-on king of guy (Anna's character certainly has a thing for NBC men). Sexy "Star Trek" star Zachary Quinto will be playing yet another of her numerous exes, while Evans' role will be as a womanizing neighbor that helps her on her quest to find the perfect, previously-dated guy (wonder how this one will end?).

Evans' will also be sharing the silver screen with some super-sexy costars in next year's "The Avengers." That movie will see Captain America teaming up with Iron Man Robert Downey Jr., "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk, and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. Evans has hinted at a battle between the two Chrises as Captain America and Thor don't exactly become besties, although he said that he and Hemsworth actually grew pretty close offset (if movie producers are trying to market comic book films towards female audiences, they're definitely doing a good job of it).

Evans is also in talks for a moon heist movie entitled "Luna," with Bradley Cooper and Andrew Garfield also being courted for the film. It's about a group of renegade scientists who build a rocket in order to steal an energy source from the moon (who knew science could be so sexy?).

So while most male movie stars probably want to land roles that require them to share the screen with lovely ladies, Evans seems to be making it a point to pick projects featuring other fine male specimens (and it's safe to say that his female and gay fans are definitely not complaining).

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