Chris Brown's Past Makes GMA News, but Which Musicians' Crimes Are Ignored?

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Chris Brown seems to always be making headlines, whether for a music release, an emotional release during a Michael Jackson tribute at the BET awards, or, most recently, for releasing his anger on a window in a "Good Morning America" dressing room. Despite Brown having made progress since his June 2009 guilty plea to felony assault, the singer still finds the subject of his abuse of Rihanna a touchy one. Brown has been commended for working hard to enhance his image, and was on "Good Morning America" to promote the release of his new album, F.A.M.E. While the album was the focus of the day, Robin Roberts zeroed in on Brown's criminal past, which evidently touched a nerve. After performing live, Brown was then said to have become very agitated and allegedly smashed a window in his dressing room before storming out of the studio, shirtless.

While asking Brown about domestic abuse on a day that was supposed to be all about F.A.M.E. may seem a bit unfocused, Brown's past actions are still troubling to some, as many musicians are seen as role models to young audiences. However, Brown does seem to be under the microscope more than many other entertainers with criminal pasts. Which entertainers seem to be catching less flak for their pasts? Here's a look.

Vince Neil: This rocker was most recently arrested in June 2010 on suspicion of drunk driving, the same month that his unfortunately named album, Tattoos and Tequila , was released. However, Neil had worse troubles in 1984, when he got into an accident while driving drunk, causing brain damage to the two occupants of the car he hit, and killing his passenger.

Paul McCartney: This beloved Beatles member has admitted to marijuana and LSD use, and has been arrested several times for possessing drugs. The most troubling was a 1980 arrest for cannabis possession prior to a Japanese tour; McCartney spent 10 days in jail, but could have faced seven years in prison if convicted.

Gucci Mane: This rapper has sold millions of records, despite very serious crimes in his past. Mane is hailed by mainstream media for his talents, and little mention is made of his jail stint for cocaine possession, his murder charge, his six-month prison term for assault and his reckless driving. But you can see how that would be overlooked.

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