Chris Brown Works on Becoming a Better Man - Best Celeb Tweets from the Weekend

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Chris Brown Works on Becoming a Better Man - Best Celeb Tweets from the Weekend

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Chris Brown has been busy back at work!

It's another week and celebs have spent the past weekend doing everything from flashing their abs on "Saturday Night Live" to cozying up at home with the family. Some celebs have taken to Twitter to share their recent events and news. Here are the best celebrity tweets from the weekend.

Mariah Carey took the time to rest her voice. "On vocal rest today after 2 days of non-stop talking on #idolauditions, then back to the studio tomorrow.. Can't wait!!!"

Chris Brown has been working on becoming a better man. "Lord help me as I take these last steps to freedom. Becoming a better man is something I work on everyday."

Hilary Duff enjoyed snuggling in her bed. "Love climbing into a freshly made bed!! Mmmm delightful ;) nighty night"

Miley Cyrus has been just loving life recently. "chillin so hard listening to a perfect blend of the waterfall and Sade.#maxinnnn this weather is heavenly"

Jessica Biel had fun with her dog. "I'm obviously holding a treat. #tuesdayswithtina "

Was Rihanna talking about her former flame? ""@EMOTlONS: I miss you. I miss us. I miss having you to talk to whenever I wanted." #1Love"

Zooey Deschanel was proud to have her mom with her at the Emmys. "My mom and me at the FOX party! "

Sounds like Katy Perry really wants to go to Tokyo. "There's no place like Tokyo, there's no place like Tokyo, There's no place like Tokyo."

Taylor Swift tried out a new restaurant. "My name is _______, these are my chopsticks. And this restaurant is cool. "

Jessica Alba live tweeted The Emmys from home and gave support to her friends. "#Emmys @ZooeyDeschanel @hellogiggles -looking super CUTE! -love the dress!"

Ryan Seacrest admitted which TV show he was rooting for at The Emmys. "obsessed with happy for those guys"

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