Chris Brown Vs. Drake! Fighting Over Rihanna? Chris’ Battle Rap Sheet

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Chris Brown certainly knows how to stay in the news. The troubled singer is nursing his wounds after a nasty scuffle with fellow R&B crooner Drake and his entourage. It all supposedly went down at NYC's hot WIP nightclub. It's still unclear whether Chris and Drake directly started the physical portion of the brawl or whether their crews were at fault.

Chris tweeted a photo of a wide, bloody gash on his chin with the words, "How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!" Apparently battling with bottles is nothing to the self-proclaimed Michael Jackson protege. On his Instagram account he captioned the photo, "Bottles? It's nothing! Lol." The photo and tweet have since been removed.

The New York Police Department was called to the scene but at this point no arrests have been made. Five people were allegedly injured in the melee. There is even video and photo evidence of blood on Chris' car after the battle.

Rihanna was not at the party but it seems that she may have been at the center of the fight. Sources claim that Drake made the first strike, but with words not fists. The former star of "DeGrassi: The Next Generation" supposedly leaned in to Chris and whispered something incendiary such as, "You know i'm f*ing Rihanna." RiRi is, of course, Chris' controversial ex-girlfriend. The situation obviously escalated after that.

Brown has a history of public challenges. Rihanna and Chris had their own domestic dispute in Chris' rented Lamborghini on February 8th, 2009. Rihanna has since recorded remix songs with Chris and is said to be friendly with him. When the Barbadian beauty learned that the two men were fighting over her she allegedly shook her head and said, "You've got to be f*ing kidding me."

In 2011, after a contentious "Good Morning America" interview with host Robin Roberts, Chris allegedly became violently angry, tossing an object through a window in Times Square. The singer was furious that the interviewer asked about his abuse of Rihanna. He eventually stormed out of the studios shirtless. Recently, Chris has been engaged in a twitter fight with singer Brian McKnight.

Chris is extremely talented, no one can dispute that. Unfortunately, his public escapades with violence have become as much a part of his reputation as his music.

What do you think? Are you Team Chris, Team Drake or Team Rihanna?

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