Chris Brown and Rihanna Together Again: Have They Been Miserable Without One Another?

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News that Rihanna and Chris Brown have rekindled their romance is beginning to grow legs. The two have been fodder for tabloid headlines for the past few years. And it seems that although they once went their separate ways, the love has never really been lost. Some might even conclude that their careers have suffered as a result of their romantic troubles. Have these two really missed each other so much that they've made themselves miserable? Here are some clues that say yes…

"I don't care anymore…"

The sexy pop star is notorious for her racy attitude. But her recent posting of multiple photos of her smoking marijuana hints at something else. While plenty of Hollywood stars party hard, her cavalier demeanor in the pictures carries the distinct air of rebellion. Rihanna's recent loss aside (her beloved grandmother passed away) the singer has seemed a bit off course lately. Fans have even been concerned that the "Birthday Cake" star has been partying too hard.

The R&B lothario "punishes" his Twitter fans…

Chris reportedly took to Twitter to voice his frustration over disappointing "Fortune" record sales; according to Mediatakeout, he launched a "Block Party"---blocking many of his followers. This apparently didn't go over so well. This isn't the first time he's addressed fans for their lack of record-buying enthusiasm. But this latest lash-out could also be the result of other pent-up frustrations.

Has "lovesickness" affected their looks?

Rih's personal style as of late has been more Rebel Hip-Hop gal, than Couture Princess. There's a lot to be said for reinvention. But her new lackadaisical approach to fashion might be a reflection of her desire for simpler times.

On the other hand, some tabloids have implied that Chris doesn't look as healthy as he used to. A difference in his appearance could be due to any number of reasons. But when placed in context with recent events, there is cause to wonder whether Chris is under some kind of personal stress. It's just a theory.

Sticks and Stones…

Between fighting over her and referencing her in "diss" tracks, Chris simply can't seem to get her out of his system, even when it appeared he was joined at the hip with a new girlfriend. But where there are heated tempers, hidden passions usually exist; perhaps buried beneath all that taunting, some of Chris' deep-seated feelings were reawakened.

The authorities ultimately dictated their break-up.

When they were together, they were both at the height of their careers, a fact that perhaps caused them a great deal of pressure. Nonetheless, their Hollywood stars were both tarnished by the scandal of their tumultuous relationship. Although most would agree that the pair's relationship was rocky, had Chris and Rihanna's Pre-Grammy argument been free of violence, the two might still be dating. Due to the extreme nature of the attack, they were forced to stay away from one another. The "Romeo & Juliet" appeal of their romance is undeniable. Although their stories' trajectories are entirely different, the forbidden love aspect is loud and clear.

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