Chris Brown in Another Brawl? His Other Recent Fights

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Chris Brown in Another Brawl? His Other Recent Fights

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R&B singer Chris Brown

It's the case of another Chris Brown smackdown!

The controversial singer is reportedly being investigated for a possible assault in West Hollywood. The latest allegations come after an alleged argument with singer Frank Ocean outside a Los Angeles recording studio.

The big issue between the singers? A parking space! According to reports, the two started throwing down after someone blocked the other from leaving. Apparently Chris went to leave the studio just as Ocean was making his arrival which caused all kinds of sparks to fly leading to an all-out brawl between posses. Of course there are disputing reports on who hit who first and there have been no arrests so far.

This is hardly the first legal woe to hit the singer who has been working his way through the legal system for years. Here are some of his biggest legal run-ins:

Rihanna: No one can forget the singer's fall from grace after he assaulted his now on-again girlfriend following a pre-Grammys party in 2009. He ultimately made a plea agreement for the incident in which he plead guilty to felony assault charges and was placed on five years supervised probation.

Drake: In June 2012, Brown was reportedly involved in a New York City altercation with recording star Drake and his entourage. Apparently the whole thing started when Drake started throwing bottles towards Brown who did not take the sign of disrespect very well. A huge fight ensued which left eight people injured including San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker who required surgery to remove a piece of glass from his eye. Neither star was charged in the incident due to lack of evidence.

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