Chloe & Selena's Extreme Hair Streaks

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Chloe & Selena's Extreme Hair Streaks

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Chloe & Selena's Extreme Hair Streaks

Though I'm used to seeing Chloe Moretz in older-than-her-years outfits, the 15-year-old actress surprised me when she showed her more youthful side at the recent 14th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills by rocking hot pink streaks in her hair.

Chloe Moretz on Dressing 'Age Appropriate'

Extreme hair streaks has officially replaced hair feathers as the new go-to hair trend in Hollywood, with Selena Gomez also sporting funky blue streaks in her dark hair. And if you think the look is only for teens, think again -- twenty-somethings Lauren Conrad and Kate Bosworth have been known to experiment with the look, coloring their hair both pink and blue late last year.

The trick to toning down the bold trend is to concentrate the streaks solely on the tips of the hair, rather than getting a full on dye-job.

That's Enough Chloe Moretz

But what do you think? Do these stars pull off the colored hair streaks to punk perfection, or are they looking a little too My Little Pony?

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