Chick Flicks: The Hottest Hunks of Summer 2012 Romantic Comedies

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This summer is going to be hotter than ever! And we're not talking about global warming here - some of 2012's hottest hunks will be trying to make you swoon in must-see chick flicks very soon. So if you want to feel a little heat without exposing yourself to the sun's harmful UV rays, check out the romantic comedies these sexy guys are starring in:

Gael Garcia Bernal

Queen of romantic comedies Kate Hudson gets to star with yet another hot guy in the cancer comedy "A Little Bit of Heaven." She plays a career woman who uses humor to deal with her deadly diagnosis, but her life gets complicated when her views on love get challenged - she's not a big fan of the emotion, but she ends up falling for her doctor (Bernal). The movie seems a little light on the comedy, although in the trailer Whoopi Goldberg appears to play some sort of angel or spiritual guide for Kate's character. At least gorgeous Gael will be worth checking out if this one comes to a theater near you on May 4.

Johnny Depp

Okay, so Johnny doesn't look all that hunky in the trailer for "Dark Shadows," but of course gals are going to go watch him play a campy vampire anyway. His latest collaboration with Tim Burton looks like it's the anti-"Twilight" with his vampire character Barnabas Collins being relentlessly pursued by an evil (but extremely sexy) witch played by Eva Green. Barnabas gets turned into a vampire by the jealous witch in the 18th Century and is buried until the year 1972. Of course hilarity ensues when he tries to adjust to the changing times and meets the family members living at his old manor. Girls who aren't fans of sparkly, super-serious vampires might want to check this one out on May 11.

Matthew Morrison, Joe Manganiello, Rodrigo Santoro, and Chace Crawford

What should women expect in "What to Expect When You're Expecting?" A lot of hot guys playing daddies-to-be. This movie with a colossal cast that's not set during a holiday is about the lives of different couples who are about to become parents, so it's hoping to show that humor and romance can still exist during pregnancy. The cast also includes Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Brooklyn Decker, Elizabeth Banks, and Anna Kendrick. Ladies just be careful if you're taking a guy you just started dating to this one on May 18 - he might freak out and think that you've already got babies on the brain.

Hugh Dancy

Ladies looking for something a bit racier in their chick flicks might want to check out how doctors used to treat women's hysteria on May 18 instead - hysterical-looking "Hysteria" is a movie about orgasms based on a true story. Dancy stars as Dr. Mortimer Granville, the man who invented the vibrator in Victorian-era England. He's set to marry his employer's daughter (Felicity Jones), but falls for her vivacious older sister (Maggie Gyllenhaal) instead. From the trailer it looks a bit like "The King's Speech" with an ancient orgasmatron instead of speech therapy.

Tom Cruise and Diego Boneta

It's hard to admit it, but Cruise looks kind of cute as a hard-bodied, hard-partyin' rock star with hair to spare in "Rock of Ages" (he's certainly got the crazy to pull it off). Meanwhile cutie Diego will probably steal plenty of girls' hearts as he falls for Julianne Hough in this highly-anticipated movie based on the popular Broadway play. Fans of chick flicks, musicals, and classic rock tunes won't want to miss this one on June 15.

Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Bomer, and Joe Manganiello

Okay, so there might not be much romance in "Magic Mike," but it obviously belongs on this list of chick flicks - with all the guys listed above playing strippers, surely the majority of this movie's audience will be women. You can take a look inside the world of male exotic dancers on June 29.

So which of these summer romantic comedies of 2012 are you looking forward to most?

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