Cheyenne Jackson to Divorce Husband - Other 'Glee' Stars Who Are Going Through Breakups

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Cheyenne Jackson to Divorce Husband - Other 'Glee' Stars Who Are Going Through Breakups

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"Glee" guest star Cheyenne Jackson is divorcing his husband after two years. Jackson and physicist Monte Lapka were together for 11 years before getting hitched in the Hamptons in September 2011.

Last year, Jackson, who played the villainous choir director, Dusty Goolsby, shared some tips on maintaining a successful marriage. "We both fully realize that there is no perfect person. As soon as you come to the realization that you can't change someone, and truly accept each other for who you are, even if one of you isn't very tidy (me), or one of you noisily eats chips while the other is trying to get some work done (him) ... then you are good to go."

Unfortunately, it looks like Cheyenne couldn't take his hubby's loud chewing habits anymore!

This has been a depressing season for "Glee" breakups. Not only will Lea Michele and Cory Monteith never have their happy ending (either on the show or in real life), other couples just can't seem to make it last.

Last month, news surfaced that Jonathan Groff and Zachary Quinto had broken up. Although sources report that they remain good friends, these outlets also report that the breakup was difficult. Their conflicting work schedules seemed to put a strain on the relationship.

According to Us Weekly, "Zach being away and filming was not easy on them," a source tells the mag. "Now he's going to be in New York with his new play ['The Glass Menagerie']. They really loved each other, so it wasn't an easy split."

Although the breakup was reported a few weeks ago, it turns out that they had already split up around five months ago.

These days Lea's BFF Jonathan has been supporting her while she grieves for her late boyfriend, Cory. There were even rumors that production of Groff's upcoming movie, "The Normal Heart" had been shut down in order for him to be with her.

Meanwhile, Jane Lynch sure had a crummy 53rd birthday on July 14. Not only was she grieving over the loss of her co-star Cory, but she was also going through a divorce.

Last month, Jane filed for divorce from her wife, Dr. Lara Embry, citing "irreconcilable differences." The couple, who died the knot in June 2010, have been separated since February 2013.

Jane insists that the divorce is not "dramatic" or "horrible." As she told Larry King, "It's not dramatic. It's not a horrible thing. It's something that we're dealing with. It's two people who just decided it's better to go apart than stay together."

Jane also vowed to remain close to her ex's 10-year-old daughter Haden. "We have to remain adults, which we have. We keep everybody's -- especially Haden's -- good in our mind."

Still, no matter how amicable, these breakups certainly can't be easy. Let's hope next season fares better for the "Glee" cast members.

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