Chevy Chase Says N-Word on 'Community' Set: His Other Controversial Moments

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Chevy Chase Says N-Word on 'Community' Set: His Other Controversial Moments

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Chevy Chase continues to make controversial comments.

Chevy Chase has had his share of controversial incidents during his career, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised about his latest. On the set of his NBC sitcom "Community," Chevy dropped the infamous N-word in front of his co-stars, including African-American actors Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown. According to reports, the word wasn't directed at them. Instead, Chevy said it while expressing frustration over the racist direction of his character on the show. After the incident, the star assembled the cast and crew and issues a full apology. Sadly, controversial remarks have hampered Chevy ever since he rose to fame on "Saturday Night Live" in the 1970s. Here are some of the other incidents that the star has been involved in over the years.

The "Community" criticism

Chevy's recent poor choice of words wasn't the first time he brought controversy to the "Community" set. The actor had a very public feud with series creator Dan Harmon, which culminated when Dan played a voicemail from the actor in front of an audience. In the voicemail, Chevy goes off on a tirade that rips Dan's poor writing skills, among other things. The profanity-laced voicemail brought a firestorm of controversy, and Dan ended up apologizing for making it public. The damage was done though, and the creator did not return to the show this season.

The "SNL" issues

Chevy was the first big "SNL" star, but he is apparently no longer welcome on the show that made him famous. The star is reportedly banned from hosting due to verbal abuse he allegedly gave to crew members during his hosting stints. His most famous "SNL" incident involves Chevy's legendary fight with Bill Murray, the actor who ultimately replaced him on the show. The brawl happened backstage in the 1970s, and it is still talked about to this day. "It was really a Hollywood fight," said Bill during a 2012 interview. Both stars have acknowledged that they have long since buried the hatchet. Still, Chevy hasn't hosted the show in 15 years.

The infamous Oscar joke

When hosting the Academy Awards in the late 1980s, Chevy found himself in controversy from the opening bell. In his first joke of the evening, the star uttered the phrase "Good evening Hollywood phonies." Movie stars might love a good joke, but Hollywood isn't known for its self-deprecating sense of humor. It set the tone for a poor show, and that was it for his hosting days. The moment is still one of the most remembered Oscar jokes in history.

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