Charlize Theron Adopts Son: Other Celebrities You Might Not Know Adopted

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Did you know Hugh Jackman adopted two children?

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Did you know Hugh Jackman adopted two children?

Actress Charlize Theron has adopted a child. The Oscar winner has adopted a boy named Jackson. Right now there aren't a lot of details. However, the beautiful star has joined a list of new moms in Hollywood recently. She also seems to be getting into the celebrity adoption craze. We all know about Angelina Jolie and Madonna when it comes to adoption, but a lot of other stars have adopted children as well. Here are a few names you might not think of when it comes to stars adopting kids.

Hugh Jackman

The "X-Men" star is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. But many people might not know that the actor has two adopted children. The need to adopt came out of a tough time for the couple. He and his wife had a couple of miscarriages before they adopted a son. They later adopted a daughter, as well. Their children are now 11 and 6 and have given Jackman a happy family.

Denise Richards

We all know about the actress's two daughters with actor Charlie Sheen. Their family life has been tabloid fodder for years. However, the actress also has a third daughter. She adopted daughter Eloise Joni in 2011 and named her after her mother. She shares custody of her other two children with Sheen but has been single since the two divorced in 2006.

Michelle Pfeiffer

The actress has had a remarkable career for many years. She has also been married to television producer David E. Kelly since 1993. Shortly before meeting her husband, the actress started the process of adopting a child. She officially adopted daughter Claudia shortly before she got married. A year later she gave birth to a son.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The noted scream queen married filmmaker Christopher Guest in 1984. The daughter of two famous actors, Curtis did not have any children of her own. However, the couple did adopt a son and a daughter. Her daughter was born in 1986 and her son was born a decade later. Both children were adopted shortly after birth.

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