Charlie Sheen Suing After Firing; Who Will Replace Him on "Two and a Half Men"?

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Surprise, surprise - Charlie Sheen has been fired from "Two and a Half Men." After ridiculous Charlie Sheen quotes became the hottest entertainment topic online and in print media, CBS elected to take the risk of incurring Sheen's wrath rather than respond to outrageous Charlie Sheen quotes by giving him his job back, plus a 50 percent raise, as the actor had requested. Of course, it didn't take long for Sheen to fire back, as the actor is now suing Warner Brothers and Chuck Lorre for $100 million. According to the lawsuit , Sheen is claiming that the work stoppage on "Two and a Half Men" was simply an attempt to punish the actor.

While no one can predict the outcome of the lawsuit and the future of Charlie Sheen, we can make some guesses about who CBS may choose to replace Charlie Sheen in the event that "Two and a Half Men" returns to filming. If you want to see it in the meantime, click here to watch "Two and a Half Men" online.

Rob Lowe: Chuck Lorre has already suggested that Rob Lowe would be a fitting replacement for Charlie Sheen, but it may not work out due to scheduling conflicts; Lowe currently stars on NBC's "Parks and Recreation." However, CBS has reportedly contacted Lowe's agent, so it's anybody's guess as to what will happen.

John Stamos: Some fans of Stamos and CBS have suggested that the actor would be a great fit for "Two and a Half Men". While Stamos appears to have a far different personality from the Charlie character, he is an actor, so you'd think he'd be able to handle it. Besides, this would be the perfect opportunity for Stamos to play out the Uncle-Jesse-post-rock-stardom-and-alcoholism role that deep down, you know you would have loved to see.

Kelsey Grammer: Grammer may not strike you as a hard partier like Charlie Sheen, but if you've ever seen "Frasier", you'll know that the actor has experience being cantankerous and sarcastic, which are required for the Charlie Parker role. Grammer also shares the saga of an overly public divorce with Sheen, so perhaps he would have a Sheen-like perspective on the role.

William Shatner: Let's face it; "$#*! My Dad Says" is not going to last - CBS had to realize that basing a television show was a publicity stunt more than anything, and was certainly not a good idea. In the (extremely likely) event that Shatner finds he no longer has a show on which to star, transitioning to "Two and a Half Men" would be perfect - same studio, same network. And while the role isn't exactly the same, Shatner can continue to be curt, grumpy and low-brow.

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