Charlie Sheen and Other Stars that Were Replaced on Sitcoms

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Charlie Sheen has been back in the news again.

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Charlie Sheen has been back in the news again.

Charlie Sheen has popped up in the news quite a bit lately. An escort scandal involving the actor is still making headlines. However, the greatest story involving Sheen was his apology to Ashton Kutcher. The former star of "Two and a Half Men" blasted the latest season of the show and took a shot at the man that took his place. Sheen later apologized to Kutcher but stood by his assessment that the show was weak without him. Both should understand this sort of problem. They were each involved in sitcoms that lost major stars and kept going. Here is a look at some other stars that left shows that moved on without them.

Michael J. Fox - "Spin City"

As mentioned above, famous sitcom star Fox was forced to leave the show after his Parkinson's condition worsened. Sheen, still recovering from his own personal demons, was given the golden ticket back to stardom as the new lead. He got to flirt with Heather Locklear and handle all things New York when he joined the cast. The show lingered on for two seasons before finally getting the axe.

Shelley Long - "Cheers"

This is one show that really managed to move on without a lead character. Though Ted Danson remained for the entire run of the show, his leading lady Shelley Long bolted to focus on family and the big screen. Kirstie Alley joined the cast and the show marched on for six more seasons. It was successful with both leading ladies, something that is rare in sitcoms. Long returned for the final episode of the show.

John Ritter - "8 Simple Rules"

This sitcom lost its lead character in tragic fashion when John Ritter passed away. The people behind the show retooled and came back for two more seasons. David Spade and James Garner joined the cast to help increase the star power. No one replaced Ritter as his death was written into the series.

Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher - "That 70's Show"

A lot of young stars helped make this Fox series a huge hit for years. But after seven years the two biggest stars moved on to other things. Topher Grace was gone at the start of the eighth season and Ashton Kutcher left after a few episodes. Josh Meyers joined the cast but did little to make up for the loss of the two leads. That would turn out to be the last season for this series.

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